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Butchery Schools are now in great demand as a fun way of understanding more about your meat, where it comes from, and how it can be cooked-as well as equipping you with a basic range of Butchery skills. Our Master Butchers will teach you how to identify the best cuts for slow cooking; barbecuing and which cuts offer the most flavour. The most expensive cuts need not be the best, and you will learn all about cuts which are inexpensive, but packed with texture and fabulous flavours-which you can prepare at home-many of which you will never see in a supermarket.

 At Godfreys we have a long past of Butchery:

“I started as an apprentice at the age of 10 working for my Father at Godfreys and when I was old enough to leave school I went to Smithfield Butchery School and trained as a Master Butcher. “

We have now created a number of courses based around our craft and knowledge. We know it is impossible to make you a Butcher in 2 hours, but we can show you how to do a few basic Butchery techniques and skills that will help to give you confidence so that you can practice them at home with your own Boning knife- which we will give you to keep.

I think most people would like to know how to make a real Sausage by hand and that will part of the course- boning out your own meat- to make them and take them home for family and friends. We also show you how to prepare a Chicken into different cuts that you can also take home to cook.

Finally we will demonstrate how to break down a whole Pig into cuts during which you can also ask us about any other Butchery practices you may be interested in. After making your own Sausages and learning some basic Butchery skills we hope you have an appetite for some tastings as we hate sending people home hungry.

For details of our next courses, to arrange a private course for someone special –or to tailor make a course if you have something specific in mind you want to learn - for yourself, your friends or colleagues  - just contact us at the Highbury Shop on 0207 226 9904.

We look forward to welcoming you around the Butchers Blocks for what will be quite an experience in Meat Perfection.

Chris and Team       

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