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Carl Smiths Game Pie - Dark, rich and crammed to the crust 

We are delighted to welcome back to the www.godfreys.co website - Carl Smith - Master Pie Maker - who we regularly feature presenting his beautifully produced and very articulate videos on how to create and cook one of his many acclaimed Pies

Each Pie is specially selected by Carl and will allow you to master the art at home .

A bit about Carl
After graduating from Bournemouth College, Carl moved to Paris and worked as chef at Fouquets. This was the beginning of his love affair with cooking, especially long slow cooking and the making of delicious stews and braises.

For 25 years, Carl and Pauline Smith were the managers of The Guinea Grill, just off Berkeley Square in Mayfair. The Guinea www.theguinea.co.uk is a renowned Steak restaurant specialising in the finest Dry Aged Beef.

We've been supplying The Guinea for many years. In fact, we have a dry ageing room pretty much dedicated to the Guinea.

Three times National Winner 
Carl is three times National winner of the Steak Pie Championship but after his last victory, Carl was asked to hang up his rolling pin and become a judge!

So why not try some of these delicious recipes at home where you can experiment with the cooking - and then enjoy the eating!

Carl Smiths Game Pie - Dark, rich and crammed to the crust 
A fabulously rich Country Pie - rich, tender, and aromatic with an inviting layer of Carl’s famous traditional Beef Suet crust pastry glazed with egg yolk - which turns that sumptuous golden glazed brown.

Breaking through, reveals a superbly glossy, silky smooth, beautifully cooked selection of perfectly prepared Game in a luxuriously fully flavoured gravy.

Carl starts using hand diced Venison Haunch, Partridge Breast (or Pigeon Breast), and Pheasant Breast carefully diced so each cube is roughly the same size 

Finest prepared produce
You can buy pre-prepared packets of mixed Game – but these can be a bit scraggy and Carl prefers to use only the finest prepared produce in his cooking 

Keeping the Meats separate
Keeping the Meats separate also allows each of the ingredients to be cooked according to their individual requirements so the Pheasant and Partridge can be fried off and browned  - but the Venison is allowed to be just gently and slowly poached so it doesn’t become tough

Using Mixed Meat Packs just seems give messy and unbalanced results

Exceptional, mouth-wateringly good Pie
Pancetta (or smoked streaky bacon) shallots, carrots, celery, button mushrooms, garlic, thyme, bay leaves, juniper berries, red wine, Ruby Port, freshly made Chicken Stock and  shredded Free Range Beef Suet complete the list of flavours and ingredients to make this exceptional mouth-wateringly good Pie

Dark, rich, crammed to the crust
Dark, rich, crammed to the crust - and deliciously satisfying - this is a Carl Smith triumph of Pie making skill you simply have to try to see why

Do watch the video and - Enjoy! 

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