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How to cook

Godfreys How to Cook Feature

Although many of our customers are famous Chefs or seasoned cooks, there are also many customers who want to try our Premium Quality Meats but feel a bit daunted about cooking them perfectly.

Experiment with other less well known Cuts

There are also the ones who know how to cook their favourites to perfection but would like to experiment with other less well known Cuts to them, as they browse through the very comprehensive range featured on our Award Winning Web site 

Thrifty Cuts
Features on the Web site such as Thrifty Cuts have encouraged customers to try economical Cuts - Cuts bursting with flavour such as Bavette Steak, Short Back Rib of Beef or Breast of Lamb.

Fabulous textures and sumptuous flavours has made this Web site feature have such a large loyal following

Simple, easy to follow - and produces a great meal
We have learnt from the visitors to our very popular “How to” videos featured on our web site and also from our Butchery Classes customers that there is a basic desire to try out new cuts and not have to plough through endless Cookery Books to find a method of cooking that is simple, easy to follow-and produces a great meal

Delia Smith hit a chord with her How to cook Eggs
Many thought such a simple thing would not gain much of a following or attract real National interest.

How wrong they were.

The basic methods
Now armed with our customers' real requests - we set about writing the basic methods of How to Cook each cut of meat on the Web site in a consistent and simple manner.

Click through on every Product page
Every Cut has a click through on every Product page so you can see the basic ways to “Cook that Cut” be it Frying, Griddling, Stewing, Braising, Barbecuing, Roasting, Pot Roasting, 24 hour Slow Bake, Oven Bake or Boil.

Enjoy and experiment
This is no “Master Class”- its there so you our customers, are able to enjoy and experiment with our Premium Quality produce with much more confidence and ease.

What do you think?
We are proud to say we have now completed that job - and it’s now live on screen-but what do you think?

Any comments or tips that you think might think could be helpful to other cooks - Please don't hesitate to email me at chrisg@fgodfrey.co.uk​

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