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Free Range, dry-aged and smoked Hocks cut from the first joint of the leg and perfect for making heart-warming, rich and silky textured Stews, Soups or Stocks.
Bacon Knuckles yield lots of gelatine and flavour which serve to thicken and enrich the dishes they are used in.

They are exceptionally good boiled with pulses, and root vegetables - usually with the cooked meat and skin chopped and returned to the pan for that extra smokey lift of flavours.
Elizabeth David even has a recipe called Le Jambonneau which presents the Knuckle rather like a Shank - but with the meat pushed down the bone, bread crumbed - with a little frill on top - and served like a warm mini Ham.
Whilst Smoked Bacon Knuckle is at the very heart of the world-wide Bavarian favourite roasting dish Schweinhaxe 
Roasted, Braised or crisped up in the Frying pan - whichever way you like it - this is treat not to be missed
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