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A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

What ensures your Christmas Turkey is going to be fabulous

Not all Turkeys are the same.

There are different Breeds
Different rearing environments
Different rearing care
Different diets
Different rearing periods
Different methods of slaughter
Different methods of finishing
Different conditions for maturing the carcasses
And lots of other differing ways from Chick to table that affects both the sensitive welfare of these birds, and very definitely - the taste

Smoke and Mirrors
Many famous names will try to make you believe you are buying a superior bird.
The most recent manifestation of these “smoke and mirrors” advertising campaigns is for the so called superior Bronze turkeys
Lets be clear on this.
A Turkey can be called a Bronze if the bird just has the right colour plumage.
It is not a breed -but the description implies that it is.
The use of the word Bronze is bandied around as if it were a guarantee of Quality of a specific breed
It seeks to steal the thunder of  a Standard Bronze Turkey- which is a much prized breed -and which originally created the Standard Bronze Turkey’s justified reputation
That's just one of many myths.
You can even have a wonderful Standard Bronze Chick (or Poults as they are called) and still ruin it by the environment in which it is reared, by its diet, by slaughtering it prematurely, or by automating the whole slaughtering and maturation process till the poor thing is beaten into providing an inferior meal that belies its origins.
It is self evident that there is no way anyone can to produce hand reared, relaxed and contented Turkeys that taste fabulous - at a low price.
A good  producer will always try to improve on conventional rearing systems, increasing the humane and welfare treatment, often lowering efficiencies to produce the best bird possible, for probably the most important meal of the year for many households.

So that is just the start of ensuring your Christmas Turkey is going to be fabulous

Watch out for the next Chapter being published  soon!
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