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About Us

About Us

Welcome to Godfreys

Our Company was founded by our Great Grandfather Frank Godfrey in 1905, who brought with him his already famous Lincolnshire Sausage recipe which is still celebrated and handmade on our premises today

The pursuit of excellence

Frank originated the pursuit of excellence which still drives us today. Following that quest, Frank acquired the rights to graze his own livestock in nearby Clissold Park and would often be seen herding the animals down the High Street to our premises in Stoke Newington High Street

His own standards of Premium Quality

Every week Frank would buy his own carefully selected livestock from Market Road to maintain his own standards of Premium Quality - and as a special treat at Christmas would always buy the Markets prize-winning beast for his customers

Rich heritage of knowledge

Butchery skills already ran in the family for many generations previously. That long rich heritage of knowledge, experience and expertise has been passed down through generations of the Godfrey family

The most demanding Chefs in Europe

By sourcing only Premium Quality, Free Range, additive-free, slowly matured Beef, Poultry, Lamb, Pork and making our own Award-winning Sausages, we continue to provide those traditional qualities to some of the most demanding Chefs in Europe.

Those principles have been followed through successive generations via our father Peter, and then to us - the three directly descended brothers, Jeremy, Christopher and Phillip

What We Do

Each of us have different areas of specialisation and it will often be one of us who has sourced, cut and prepared the meats that come to your table.  

Jeremy and Phillip are based in our State of the Art premises in Finsbury Park, whilst Christopher runs our Shop in Highbury Barn, London

State of the Art Maturation rooms

For slow ageing of meat we have our own State of the Art Maturation rooms in the same premises where we prepare cuts and hand make our own Award winning Sausages.

Perfectly prepared and presented

This allows complete control of the animals once they have left their farms - from ageing each one for the correct number of days- to ensuring each cut is perfectly prepared and presented.

We pride ourselves on being extremely “hands-on” in the business, to ensure only the best is delivered to your door

The very best Premium Quality Meat and Poultry

We source all of our meat directly from carefully selected farms where only the highest standards of animal welfare are rigorously practised.

This ensures the healthiest, natural, stress-free rearing environments that are imperative to provide the very best Premium Quality Meat and Poultry

Only the best breeds

Wherever possible we regularly visit 98% of the farms that provide our Meat and Poultry. We choose only the best breeds, slow-reared with consideration, entirely free of additives, and fed only on a natural diet.

Stunning tastes and textures

From field to fork we are passionate about the provenance, rearing facilities, preparation and cut of each animal we provide - and its only through such sensitive care do you get animals that produce some of the most stunning tastes and textures that almost belong to a bygone age.

An uncompromising commitment to excellence

As one of the founding Members of the prestigious Q Guild of Butchers we are proud to support only the highest standards of animal care and uphold an uncompromising commitment to excellence to deliver only the pinnacle of naturally reared meat that delivers the most delicious and healthy taste experience for you, your family, friends and guests.

Much helpful information

As you look through the various pages we have tried to include as much helpful information in the form of words, pictures and videos as we can. Feel free to to ask if you want further information or video demonstrations.

Please, satisfy, surprise and astonish you.

However most of all we hope you will simply enjoy taste experiences that will please, satisfy, surprise and even sometimes just astonish you.

Tastes and textures that only Premium Quality meat- traditionally slow reared, matured for the right time, and cut to perfection- can produce.

Our Best Regards

Jeremy Chris Phillip
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