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Nothing beats the deep, rich flavour of good barbecue.

In barbecuing, Cuts of Meat are slow cooked over indirect heat, distinguishing it from grilling, which is quick cooking over a hot fire. By cooking the Meat slowly, sometimes for hours, over Wood, Charcoal or Gas flame.

Even tougher Cuts are rendered meltingly tender and become infused with the deep, rich, smoky flavour of the fire.

Unique Flavours

When it comes to flavour, what you get on a BBQ, you tend not to get anywhere else.

Intense heat and flames will cook your food differently than it would on a stovetop or in the oven, even if you use liquid smoke.

Tasty, natural smoky flavours.

They caramelise the surface while keeping juices in, giving a different taste and texture. If you choose to use a charcoal or woodfired BBQ, then you also get those tasty, natural smoky flavours.

Certain woods will create different distinctive flavours too, like Hickory or Mesquite.

You can BBQ using very little ingredients and still get flavour coming through. 

Retain Nutrients

Food tends to retain its nutrients on the BBQ better than on a pan or in the oven. Essential nutrients like Riboflavin and Thiamine are better preserved in grilled Meats.

The same goes for grilled Vegetables, where vitamins and minerals are better kept by grilling rather than any other cooking method, especially with those with low water content like broccoli and asparagus. 

Less Fat

When cooking meats in a pan, it may release some fat, but it just sits in the juices since it can’t go anywhere, and the Meat ends up absorbing it up again.

On a BBQ, fats drip off, but keeps juices in, leaving you with a succulent piece of Meat that is healthier to eat. Just remember to clean off that excess fat after using your BBQ.

No Butter or Oil is Needed

You won’t need to put on any added Butter or Oils when cooking alfresco. Many people use this to keep the food from sticking to the pan for easier cooking and for flavour, but that is unnecessary when you have a BBQ. This means you’re not needing to put any unnecessary fats into your body!

Best Meats for Barbecuing

Almost all Chops, Steaks, and Poultry Cuts. Larger Joints will also benefit from a low and slow BBQ - and you will see lots of Recipes below - including some for the irresistible Pork Boston Butt and historic Tomahawk Steak

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