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Some of the Finest Beef in the World

So many of the world’s best Beef breeds and herds originate from the UK. Angus, Dexter, Hereford, Longhorn, Highland and Red Polls - the list goes on - so its no surprise that the British Isles is home to some of the Finest Beef in the World

However don't be misled that quoting a particular breed guarantees Premium Quality Beef

Its upbringing, environment, diet, hands on husbandry, Dry Aging on the bone - and finally expert cutting - are each indispensable elements of bringing Beef perfection your table

Carefully reared in a stress-free environment
At Godfreys, we don’t have allegiance to any one breed as it is far more important to us that it is a pure Beef breed in the first place - and not taken from the dairy herds - and then the best animal for that time of the year.

The highest standards of animal husbandry
We visit all our farms where possible to ensure that our animals are carefully reared in a stress-free environment of natural grassy pastures - by farmers practising only the highest standards of animal husbandry.

Traditionally raised Beef's unique taste secret
How additive-free Free Range Beef is fed is a big part of traditionally raised Beef's unique taste secret - and to breed that sweet full flavour - the cattle must be allowed to graze contentedly on as much lush green grass and clover as they want throughout the year.

Sensational eating experience
Once the perfect animal has been carefully reared, Godfreys “maturate” (mature) the meat which is left attached to the bone from between two to four weeks in our special Maturation Rooms - or more - for special more intense and concentrated flavours and textures

These special Maturation Rooms ensure the meat is free from any light or other pollution until it is tender and the flavour has matured, like a fine wine or cheese, into that sensational eating experience.

Different lengths of Dry Ageing
To properly prepare each cut requires expert knowledge, experience and skill, as each part of the animal benefits in richness, tenderness and flavour from different lengths of Dry Ageing - and then how it is cut and presented.

Dry Ageing is not a matter of waiting on the number of days of Maturation chosen - it is choosing the length of time you want a particular carcass to hang for - and then - having the expertise to decide on which days the meat is fully matured

Mouth wateringly delicious.
Sumptuous Beef flavour only comes when slow growing Beef has been correctly aged and has those little streams of fat running through the meat - so as it cooks the fat melts - and keeps the meat moist and mouthwateringly delicious.

Perfection cannot be hurried!

Exceptional Premium Quality of the Beef
We are very proud of the work we do to create the exceptional Premium Quality of the Beef - and would like to share with you - a short film - which we hope you will enjoy, highlighting just some of the farms we use - and presenting a bit about the Beef we buy from them.

Free Range Beef Flat Iron Steaks
Cheaper and surprisingly more flavourful than some expensive steaks
Our Price:
Free Range Beef Picanha
Brazil's highly prized favourite Steak / Roast
Our Price:
Free Range Fillet Steak
The ultimate in succulent, buttery tenderness.
Our Price:
Free Range Sirloin Steak
The Perfect Steak - beautifully marbled, sweet and tender.
Our Price:
Free Range Rib Eye Steak
Dry-aged on the bone, and renowned for its succulence and flavour.
Our Price:
Tomahawk Rib-Eye Steak
The gargantuan, Dry-Aged, historic Steak - with a serious Wow factor!
Our Price:
45 day Dry Aged Beef Club Steaks
Rib Eye - with an extra depth of Bone-in, rich beefy flavour
Our Price:
Free Range Rump Steak
Tender, with a juicy, full flavour imparted by careful ageing.
Our Price:
Free Range Marinated Steak
Marbled Rib Eye Steak marinated with a mixture of mild Peppers and Herbs.
Our Price:
Free Range T-Bone Steak
The best of both Fillet and Sirloin in one, it is generous in size and flavour.
Our Price:
Beef T-Bone Florentine Steak
A culinary mind blower - one of the world’s sharing treats - not to be missed!
Our Price:
Free Range Chateaubriand
Cut from the marbled head of our finest Beef Tenderloin.
Our Price:
Free Range Côte de Boeuf Steak
The French Classic - well marbled, tender and full flavoured.
Our Price:
From: £15.98
Free Range Bavette Steak
One of the UKs most underrated and tastiest cuts a butchers secret.
Our Price:
Free Range Onglet Steak
France's choice Bistro Steak, with an old fashioned real meaty flavour.
Our Price:
Free Range Fillet Tails
A unique juicy Fillet Steak experience - at a fraction of the cost.
Our Price:
Free Range Carvery Rib of Beef
A beautiful roast, and an impressive centrepiece for any table.
Our Price:
From: £54.78
Free Range Rolled Rib of Beef
Boneless Rib allows for easy carving, whilst delivering a sensational taste.
Our Price:
From: £33.71
Free Range Beef Short Ribs
Perfect for giving slow cooked dishes an added boost of rich flavours
Our Price:
Free Range Fillet Middle
Filet Mignon - the most tender of Steak Cuts.
Our Price:
Free Range Whole Beef Fillet
The ultimate luxurious cut with a sublime buttery mouth-watering texture.
Our Price:
Free Range Topside of Beef
An economical roasting joint providing a rich tasting feast for all the family.
Our Price:
From: £18.48
Free Range Mini Topside of Beef
Mini Roast thats, juicy, fully flavoured with a bite
Our Price:
Free Range Silverside of Beef
A low cost cut excellent for very slow cooked recipes
Our Price:
From: £15.78
Free Range Sirloin with Fillet
Dry Aged on the bone for a sublime flavour
Our Price:
From: £59.76
Free Range Rolled Sirloin
One of the finest roasting Cuts. Slow-matured for a sublime flavour.
Our Price:
From: £36.90
Free Range Rolled Brisket
An inexpensive but delicious cut, delivering bundles of flavour.
Our Price:
From: £12.37
Free Range Mini Côte de Boeuf
Mini Roast that's a highly prized favourite Roast in France
Our Price:
Free Range Salt Beef (corned)
Mouth-wateringly Tender Free Range Brisket
Our Price:
From: £12.26
Free Range Leg (Shin) of Beef
A Thrifty cut that still delivers a superb flavour. Available on and off the bone.
Our Price:
From: £4.99
Free Range Braising Steak
The traditional Cut that's perfect for Beef Stews.
Our Price:
Free Range Oxtail
Imparts a luxuriously rich taste and silky feel to slow cooked dishes.
Our Price:
Free Range Ox Cheeks
A luxuriously rich taste at a remarkably low cost
Our Price:
Free Range Chuck Steak
Richly flavoured meat, perfect for slow cooking.
Our Price:
Free Range Hand Diced Beef
Richly flavoured, hand diced meat, perfect for slow cooking.
Our Price:
Free Range Steak Mince
Made only from grass-fed, additive-free, slow-matured Beef.
Our Price:
From: £6.24
Free Range Master Steak Burgers
An absolute Masterpiece of a Burger
Our Price:
Free Range Handmade Meatballs
100% pure meat, perfectly ground and seasoned with a little Salt and Pepper.
Our Price:
Free Range Flat Iron Steak Kebabs
Free Range Premium Quality Steak skewered to Perfection
Our Price:
Calves Liver
The most tender of all livers, yielding a melt in the mouth texture.
Our Price:
Free Range Diced Ox Kidney
The essential Ingredient for Steak and Kidney Pies and Puddings
Our Price:
Marrowbone Pots
A silky, sumptuous, very Meaty experience
Our Price:
Marrowbone Boats
A silky, sumptuous, very Meaty experience
Our Price:
Marrowbone Tunnels
A silky, sumptuous very Meaty experience
Our Price:
Free Range Beef Suet Shredded
Pure Beef Suet - the essential ingredient for Steak & Kidney Pies and Puddings
Our Price:
Digital Meat Thermometer
Fast response - Getting Perfect results every time
Our Price:
Godfreys Gift Vouchers
Give the Gift of Godfreys Premium Quality Free Range Meaty Gift Vouchers
Our Price:
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