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Beef Slow Cooker Recipes

What Cut of Beef is Best for Slow Cooking?

If you love the kind of rich, tasty Beef that melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more, slow cooking should be one of your favourite moves in the kitchen.

From simple casseroles and stews packed with flavour to more extravagant curries, a quick chilli, soups and so much more, cooking low and slow offers great versatility, convenience and superb depth of flavour every time.

Why slow cook?

One of the greatest things about slow cooking Beef is that it guarantees juicy tenderness.

You can use tougher Cuts of Beef, which are naturally more robust as they come from well-used muscles on the animal, and still find they’ll be transformed into juicy morsels that will literally fall off your fork.


Because the nature of cooking on a low heat for an extended period of time in fluid encourages the breakdown of the connective tissues, including the protein Collagen. Collagen makes Meat tough when cooked quickly, but when slow-cooked, it breaks down into Gelatin, giving you that juicy, tender mouthfeel.

Fattier - and cheaper - Cuts of Beef can also be good for slow cooking, because the fat helps to ensure the Beef won’t dry out while adding extra flavour.

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