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Best Online Butcher

Godfreys scoops Best Website Award

After only going live for barely six months we were delighted to have won Britain's Butchers Best Web Site Based Business Award at the 2012 Meat Management Awards.

Doubly pleasing 

Doubly pleasing as it followed up so quickly behind winning the Britain's Best Butchers Shop Award in 2009.

2021 Butchers Best Web Site Based Business Award

This year we were proud to be a Finalist at Britain’s most prestigious Meat Industry Awards.

Customers have voted with their orders

Ever since the launch of the website - customers have voted with their orders by shopping Direct Online using the Next Day delivery service Nationwide - or using the Click and Collect service from our two Collection points in London.

Browse the great range of Cuts

Some customers prefer to browse the great range of Cuts featured - and then plan their weekend or weekly Shop from their offices and homes - before visiting our premises to pick up their orders.

Next Day Nationwide Delivery Service 

Others prefer to use the Next Day Nationwide Delivery Service where our Couriers deliver direct to their door

Balance the budget without having to drop standards

Apart from our comprehensive range, features such as the Thrifty Cuts section attract a large daily following and are designed to help customers balance their budgets without having to drop their standards.

Premium Quality Meats - with impeccable rearing credentials

Others use the Web site to plan their Entertaining requirements for family, friends or guests in a quiet and relaxed way knowing they are choosing only the best Premium Quality Meats - with impeccable rearing credentials - that distinguish Godfreys Best from the rest.

New Features

More recently we have introduced many new features to our Website including:

New Discovery Cuts

We have introduced more newly discovered Cuts that are finding favour with Restaurant Chefs such as:

• Flat Iron Steaks
• Beef Picanha
• Tomahawk Steaks
• 45-day Dry Aged Beef Club Steaks
• Beef T-bone Florentine Steaks
• Beef Short Ribs
• Flat Cut Beef Brisket
• Ox Cheeks
• Barnsley Chops
• Lamb Florentines
• Lamb Riblets
• Lamb Roulade
• Chicken Tenders
• Chilli Chicken Sausages
• Gluten-free Cumberland Sausages
• Virginia Pulled Pork in a Bag
• Pork Collar Steaks
• Pigs Cheeks
• Tamworth Bacon

Over 1000 Related Recipes tailored to each Product

In addition to our How to Cook pages for each product - we have introduced over 1000 Related Recipes with a selection attached to almost every single Cut - so you can choose Slow Recipes, Quick Recipes, different types of cuisine - for individual Joints and Cuts - all instantly available to you - at one simple click of a button

A Sprinkling of Michelin Chefs

Amongst those Related Recipes you will find a sprinkling of Michelin Chef Recipes - so you can choose to cook the most sophisticated recipes - or the simplest of recipes - and all the other recipes in between

New Leftovers Recipes

Just recently we added the new Leftovers Recipes feature - so now you have a wide selection of choices to help learn to Love your Leftovers - have fabulous tasting meals - cut waste - and saving time and money

Godfreys New Edition

Finally, we launched in October 2021 a new Edition of the Godfreys.co website - which took us from being a bit slow - to being fast - very fast

More innovations

There are a lot more innovations in the pipeline at Godfreys to help you choose, prepare and enjoy your impeccably reared Free Range Meats. So do make sure you have registered for a Godfreys Account and receipt of our regular emailed Feature articles of What’s New - What’s in Season, Meat for a Week Feature, Thrifty Cuts - and much, much more - with lots of useful cooking tips - and a detailed Guides for Cooking and Entertaining

So, there you have it - Godfreys Premium Quality Meats - on Godfreys Award Winning Website - at a Click of a button - ready to enjoy - wherever you are!

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