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Christmas Duck

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Free Range Mini 3 Bird Roast

Free Range Duck, Partridge and Guinea Fowl with a rich, luscious, fruity Stuffing

Only available from 1st December

Our Price: £89.98
Free Range Whole Duck
Full breasted, tender and ready for roasting
Our Price: £24.98
Wild Mallard Duck
Deliciously strong - but not gamey flavour
Our Price: £10.50
Barbary Duck Breasts Boneless
Perfect for special occasions and dinner parties.
Our Price: £10.00
Barbary Duck Legs Bone-In
Fabulous flavour - perfect for stews, casseroles or a Duck Confit.
Our Price: £5.70
Free Range Fresh Chicken Stock
Adds delicious rich depth of flavours to sauces, soups, stews and gravies
Our Price: £2.98
Digital Meat Thermometer
Fast response - Getting Perfect results every time
Our Price: £24.98