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Covid-19 Message - u.24th January

Together we can beat the Covid-19

A Message from The Godfrey family

In response to the ever-evolving and challenging COVID-19 situation Godfreys is committed to communicating with all of our customers, friends and the local community on a regular basis.

As a business we are closely monitoring and acting on advice from the World Health Organisation, The British Government and Britain’s Chief Medical Officer to review our approach regularly and make sensible and timely choices for the safety of our staff and customers.

As it stands Godfreys remains open and we value your continued support and patronage of our business.

Moving into Step Four

The Government moved the country into Step 4 of the roadmap on 19 July, a new phase of continued caution whilst managing the risks of COVID-19.

The pandemic is not over.

After rising rapidly - but now slowing down  - Cases remain high 

So Step 4 still does not mark the end of the need for caution and restraint. 

Cautious guidance remains 

In Step 4, while many of the legal restrictions that the Government has imposed through the pandemic were lifted, Government cautious guidance remains - making it clear this is not yet a return to normal. 

While cases are high everybody needs to continue to act carefully, responsibly - and remain cautious. 

The success of the vaccination rollout has paved the way for the safe and gradual lifting of restrictions. No vaccine, however, is 100% effective and, like all viruses, COVID-19 can mutate.

Government Key Protections 

Government Key Protections guidance in Step 4 includes:•    Government expects and recommends that people wear face coverings in crowded areas •Minimising the number, proximity and duration of social contacts.


Given these guidelines - our first, and most pressing priority - is to maintain and continue with the same safety standards - for both our Customers and Staff members until Government Key Protections are changed - in order to continue to do our part in helping to control the spread of the Virus

Wearing of masks - new Government guidance

From 27 January face coverings will no longer be compulsory in many indoor public spaces - although they will be recommended in some places

But you must wear a face covering in any retail setting.

Wearing of masks will therefore continue in our Shop to protect both our Customers and our Staff - as well as the measure of limiting the numbers of Customers in our Shop at any one time

Alternatives to Personal Shopping

Our safe, Fast-Track Click and Collect and Local and Nationwide Delivery Services remain a very popular alternatives to Personal Shopping

Understanding and consideration 

The last year has seen us being able to maintain a seamless service without missing a day - and it is because of our Customers and Staff showing such understanding and consideration for each other - of the need to apply the required Safety standards - that we were - and continue to be able to do so

Strictest levels of hygiene and cleanliness

 We have always maintained the strictest levels of hygiene and cleanliness at Godfreys.

During these unprecedented times we have implemented additional precautionary measures to ensure we are providing a clean and safe environment for our customers and staff. These measures include but are not limited to:

We have implemented additional regular sanitation and cleaning of touch points within our store, both front of house and back of house including but not limited to door handles, touch screens, benches and EFTPOS machines. As well as additional deep cleaning and sanitation of Godfreys on a daily basis 

Our staff have been re-trained on safe food handling and safe hand washing practises as well as receiving training on how to avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth when going about their duties. 

Staff have also been instructed to wash and sanitise their hands after key movements such as money handling.

If any staff member is feeling unwell or displaying flu-like symptoms they have been instructed not come to work. For the safety and health of our team and community we are also asking all of our customers to practise good general hygiene and if feeling unwell to remain at home.

Reduction of person-to-person contact 

Our increased awareness and reduction of person-to-person contact within the service area of our store. 

We’re asking you to follow the new government guidance on face coverings while shopping in our stores. All customers, apart from children under 11 and those who have reasonable cause, such as a health condition, disability, physical or mental impairment, should wear a face mask, scarf or other covering. Not all exemptions are visible, so please be understanding of other shoppers.

We have also significantly reduced the number of customers allowed in our Shop at any one time to ensure social distancing is maintained at all times.

Together, these steps will go a long way to keep everyone safe, whether you are shopping or working with us.Please wear a mask or visor and please shop alone in our stores. Thank you for helping us to keep everyone safe.

Recently we have experienced an unprecedented demand and have been doing everything possible to try to make sure there is enough for everyone. 

Depriving more needy and vulnerable customers

To help us to be able to offer as good an availability as possible we ask that you do not Stockpile as you may be depriving more needy and vulnerable customers in the queue who may be in desperate need of just a few small quantities of some of those stockpiling orders - but are now are left with nothing to buy

Need to shop for at least a week 

We also realise that some Customers do not yet feel comfortable visiting their usual public eating establishments - or have self-isolated - and so need to shop for at least a week or more - and we are happy to support them - but conspicuous stockpiling is discouraged

Non-Contact London Local and Nationwide Deliveries

If you put a request in for a Non-Contact Delivery on your order our own Drivers or Couriers DPD will leave a Delivery in the requested place so you need not have any contact with the driver. 

Out of Stocks are inevitable

Out of Stocks are inevitable. We only supply Free Range Premium Quality Meats which are in limited supply by the very nature of their natural rearing requirements - so please accept our apologies for any Out of Stocks. We are working as hard as possible to replenish them

Try an alternative Cut 

If we are out of stock of a particular Cut do try an alternative one - our How to Cook and Related Recipe pages tell you all you need to know with over 1000 Related Recipes - be they Quick to Cook, Low and Slow - and all shades in between

Immediate refund

Orders placed Online where Stock becomes unavailable between placing the order and dispatch will receive an immediate refund

Committed to serving and looking after our community 

The whole team at Godfreys is committed to serving and looking after our customers and community safely and responsibly during this difficult time and will remain vigilant as a business to make decisions based on these standards during this terrible situation as it continues to unfold.

In the meantime, we wish all of our valued customers, staff, farmers and suppliers the very best during this tumultuous period and encourage you to continue to shop and support those small businesses that need it most during this difficult and challenging time. 

We will continue to follow Government advice as the situation develops and will keep you updated on any changes to our services.

In the meantime we would like to say thank you for your understanding and wish you and your families well

Finally please support your friends and neighbours, look out for each other and don’t forget, we are all in this together. We look forward to your continuing support

Yours sincerely,
The Godfrey Family

Jeremy Chris Phillip

"Thank you for the good work that you are doing.  All the families on our block of flats are very grateful for delivery of meat .  The quality is excellent!"

Says it all really

Updated : 24th January 2022

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