Directors Sausage Burgers
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Directors Sausage Burgers

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Directors Sausage Meat - made into gourmet Pork Burgers

Only naturally reared, prime Free Range Pork
We use only naturally reared, Premium Quality, Free Range Pork - which is hand-ground - and and then hand pressed - producing a unique and irresistibly tasty Sausage Burger
Directors Sausage Meat has a perfect balance of White Pepper, Nutmeg with a back note of Mace.

The Mace gives this Pork Sausage Burger a really traditional trip down Memory Lane of what a Premium Quality Pork Sausage Burgers should - and used to taste like.

A meaty Steak
Directors Sausage Burgers are excellent served in the way same as a meaty moist Pork Steak - simply grilled or fried - or presented in a Brioche or Burger Bun.

The hand prepared correct balance of just enough fat running evenly through the Burger keeps the Pork deliciously moist throughout.

And when Summer arrives - simply sizzle sensationally on the Barbecue.

Reinventing the Burger
Now you don’t need to prepare your Pork Burgers from scratch - just cook and build your own Pork Burgers with your favourite toppings - or accompaniments.

Think of just some of the possibilities for your Porky Burgers!

Blue Cheese topping, Parmesan dusting, Pork Chilli and Coriander, Pork Burgers with Thyme and Mozzarella - and of course - a Breakfast Bun with added crispy smoked Bacon and topped with a fried Egg - and finished with a touch of Brown Sauce - the list of possibilities is endless.

Pork Crepinettes
And finally our Directors Pork Burgers are a really simple quick way of making luscious and moist Pork Crepinettes - using our fresh Pork Caul - a unique marriage that makes for an unforgettable culinary experience!

A Thrifty Cut at a ridiculously low price
So another Godfreys Thrifty Cut - with all sorts of possibilities - at a ridiculously low price!

You really need to try
Directors Pork Burgers this good - are a quick, simple, thrifty and delicious treat - just waiting to be discovered and explored

Excellent for Sausage, Bacon and Eggs, Burgers, Sausage sandwiches - can be pan-fried, griddled or grilled - or simply put on the Barbecue​​​​​​​

Do have a look at our How to Cook Tab for how to prepare your Directors Sausage Burgers 
Our Price: £1.48
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