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Celebrate St George's Day

Celebrate St George's Day

God(freys) for Harry, England and St George!

In the early 15th Century St George's Day was a major feast and Bank holiday on a par with Christmas.
Today the St George's Cross flag can still be seen festooned all over pubs and homes across the land.

Legend has it 
Although  St George's Day is celebrated in a host of other Countries - legend has it that St George was seen fighting on the English side at the Battle of Agincourt.
In that famous battle it was les rosbifs that came out victorious and it is British Roast Beef that is still regarded as one of the best sources of Beef in the world.

Roast Beef still dominates 
Hardly surprising therefore that Roast Beef still dominates the celebratory dishes on this Patron Saint of England's special feast day. 

Grand dishes such as Roast Rib of Beef with Yorkshire Puddings, sit cheek by jowl with more thrifty Steak and Kidney Pie, Beef Stew and Dumplings, and Boiled Beef and Carrots, as traditional celebratory meals.

A no-nonsense celebration 
Gary Rhodes does a fabulous English Pork Cassoulet that needs no side dishes and offers a no-nonsense celebration meal for the busy household.

Jaw droppingly gorgeous
And at the other end of the scale, Gordon Ramsay offers a show- stopping version of the classic Beef Wellington with Wild Mushrooms which is jaw droppingly gorgeous to look at - and even better to feast on (see below)
Here are some more St George’s Day recipes for you to consider - some from Thrifty Cuts - some more lavish - all quintessentially English

•  Beef Wellington - by Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay’s version of the classic Steak dish - a show-stopping centerpiece for this special occasion
Preparation time 1-2 hrs : Cooking time 1-2 hrs. 
Click here for Fillet Middle
(Click title for recipe)

•  Braised Steak with Gravy - by The Hairy Bikers
Braising Steak is slow to cook but quick to prepare in this rich, traditional dish from The Hairy Bikers - especially when served with Chips to dip into the rich Beef Gravy - what’s not to like!
Preparation time less than 30 mins : Cooking time 1-2 hrs. 
Click here for Braising Steak, Fresh Beef Stock
(Click title for recipe)

•  Lancashire Hot Pot -  by The Hairy Bikers
The Hairy Bikers’ slow-cooked classic Lancashire Hot Pot is perfect for a hearty, family meal
Preparation time less than 30 mins : Cooking time 30 mins to 1 hr. 
Click here for Neck of Lamb, Lambs Kidneys, Ramsays Black Pudding Pipes
(Click title for recipe)

•  Steak and Ale Pie - by Marcus Bean
Good meat, good beer and good pastry – it’s clear why this Steak and Ale Pie is a winner.
Preparation time 1-2 hrs : Cooking time 1-2 hrs. 
Click here for Braising Steak, Fresh Beef Stock
(Click title for recipe)

•  Beef Wellington with Tarragon Sauce - by Mary Berry
Beef Wellington traditionally has Pâté spread over the top of the Fillet, which makes it very rich. This recipe is lighter, but with a lovely taste from the Tarragon
Preparation time 1-2 hrs : Cooking time 1 to 2 hrs. 
Click here for Middle Fillet of Beef, Dijon Mustard
(Click title for recipe)

Roast Beef and Yorkshire Puddings - by Mike Robinson
Find out how to roast Beef to succulent perfection. Serve with easy Yorkshire Puddings.
Preparation time overnight : Cooking time 1-2 hrs. 
Click here for Carvery Rib of Beef, Beef Dripping
(Click title for recipe)

 Roast Ham - by Valentine Warner
An impressive, juicy Ham takes a little time, but glazed with Mustard, Cloves, Orange zest and caramelised Honey it’s sure to delight and feed a large party. Serve hot or cold.
Preparation time overnight : Cooking time over 2 hrs. 
Click here for Smoked Gammon on the Bone
(Click title for recipe)

 Coronation Chicken - by Antony Worrall Thompson
This retro dish is delicious in sandwiches and perfect for picnics and street parties.
Preparation time 1-2 hrs : Cooking time 30 mins to 1 hr. 
Click here for Special Reserve Chicken, Church Hill Farm Chicken, Otter Valley organic Chicken
(Click title for recipe)

 British Pork Cassoulet - by Gary Rhodes
No-nonsense hearty meal that needs little or no side dishes - a great family meal. Freezable.
Preparation time 30 - 35 mins. Cooking time 1 hr 30 mins. 
Click here for Pork Belly Slices, Lincolnshire Sausages, Cumberland Sausages, Toulouse Sausages
(Click title for recipe)
And for a full list of St George’s Day Favourites and ideas click
 here to visit the special St George’s Day tab on our web site

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Happy St George’s Day! 
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