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45 Day Dry Aged Club Steak

45 Day Dry Aged Club Steak

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New 45 day Dry Aged Beef Club Steaks
Our Club Steak is a Rib Eye Steak left on the bone and expertly Dry Aged for up to 45 days - yielding an extra depth of rich beefy flavour - and because it’s so tender, you can grill it or fry it - and it also works brilliantly on the Barbecue.

Cut only from our grass-fed, slow-matured, additive-free Premium Quality Beef - from farms with impeccable provenance and world class husbandry skills - our Club Steak is a triangular shaped Steak with an L-shaped bone. 

Sumptuous, mouth watering, tasting experience
Taken from the carefully aged Fore Rib - Rib Eye Steaks are cut in a way that the meat is presented with rich marbling together with a gorgeous knob of fat in the middle that gently melts and self bastes as you cook - yielding a sumptuous, mouth watering, tasting experience that is all of its own.

Intramuscular fat
Most of the distinctive flavour Rib Eye Steaks comes from the perfect proportion of intramuscular fat found only in these Cuts. 

Left on the L-shaped bone 
On a Godfreys Club Steak - the Rib Eye is left on the L-shaped bone and so the eye of meat is not left open to the atmosphere - which allows the tastes to concentrate and intensify - as the Steak retains more of its juices and flavours whilst Dry Ageing and cooking

So there you have it - Godfreys Club Steaks - Rib Eye Steak - which already gives it extra flavour in the first place - then left on the bone - and finally expertly Dry Aged through our own 45 day maturation process - which develops and intensifies the already fabulous flavours even further - to produce absolutely mouth watering Dry Aged Steak perfection! 
Please press the How to Cook button on the Product page here to see our How to Cook instructions - and also see some alternative Related Recipes to enjoy.

But to get you thinking here is one to try: 

•   Club Steak on the bone with Blue Cheese Butter
Bone in Club Steak with crushed Peppercorns and a Blue Cheese butter. Bistro style for two to share.
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time 10 mins. 
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45 day Aged Club Steaks
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Godfreys 45 Day Dry Aged Club Steak - just waiting to be discovered - why wait!

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