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45 Day Dry Aged Club Steak

45 Day Dry Aged Club Steak

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Godfreys 45 day Dry Aged Beef Club Steaks

 With the Covid-19 virus repercussions vastly increasing the demand for cooking at home every day - maintaining our usual constant availability is proving difficult - but rest assured we are  working tirelessly with our Farmers to quickly replenish availability as soon is possible on a Daily basis - so you can continue to enjoy eating seasonally  

We continue to strive to offer full service normality - and availability - but hope you understand if some Cuts periodically run out for a short period of time

Our Club Steak is a Rib-Eye Steak left on the bone and expertly Dry Aged for up to 45 days - yielding an extra depth of rich beefy flavour - and because it’s so tender, you can grill it or fry it - and it also works brilliantly on the Barbecue.

Cut only from our Free Range, grass-fed, slow-matured, additive-free Premium Quality Beef - from farms with impeccable provenance and world class husbandry skills - our Club Steak is a triangular shaped Steak with an L-shaped bone. 
Sumptuous, mouth watering, tasting experience
Taken from the carefully aged Fore Rib – Rib-Eye Steaks are cut in a way that the meat is presented with rich marbling together with a gorgeous knob of fat in the middle that gently melts and self bastes as you cook - yielding a sumptuous, mouth watering, tasting experience that is all of its own.

Intramuscular fat
Most of the distinctive flavour Rib-Eye Steaks comes from the perfect proportion of intramuscular fat found only in these Cuts. 
Left on the L-shaped bone 
On a Godfreys Club Steak - the Rib-Eye is left on the L-shaped bone and so the eye of meat is not left open to the atmosphere - which allows the tastes to concentrate and intensify - as the Steak retains more of its juices and flavours whilst Dry Ageing and cooking

So there you have it - Godfreys Club Steaks – Rib-Eye Steak - which already gives it extra flavour in the first place - then left on the bone - and finally expertly Dry Aged through our own 45 day maturation process - which develops and intensifies the already fabulous flavours even further - to produce absolutely mouth watering Dry Aged Steak perfection! 
Please press the How to Cook button on the Product page here to see our How to Cook instructions - and also see some alternative Related Recipes to enjoy.

But to get you thinking here are some recipes to try: 

•   Club Steak on the bone with Blue Cheese Butter
Bone in Club Steak with crushed Peppercorns and a Blue Cheese butter. Bistro style for two to share.
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time 10 mins. Click here for
45 day Aged Club Steaks
(Click title for recipe)

•   Sous Vide Rib-Eye Steak - by Charcut Roast House
Charcut Roast House in Alberta, Canada, share their sublime Sous Vide Rib-Eye Steak recipe, served with a vibrant Chimichurri sauce and roasted Garlic. 
Preparation/Cooking time 1 hr 15 mins. Click here for
45 day Aged Club Steaks
(Click title for recipe)

•   Butter-Basted Rib-Eye Steaks
This Steak is based on a recipe from Alain Ducasse. Halfway through cooking, these bone-in Rib-Eyes are basted with a mixture of Butter, Thyme and Garlic, so they're crusty outside and richly flavoured. 
Preparation/Cooking time 1 hr 10 mins. Click here for
45 day Aged Club Steaks
(Click title for recipe)

So there you have it - Godfreys 45 Day Dry Aged Club Steak - just waiting to be discovered - why wait?

So why not give it a Click - and experience a whole new way to enjoy Godfreys Free Range Premium Meats and Poultry by ordering from the comfort of your own home - or place of work - at a time that is convenient to you

We do the rest - be it if you would prefer delivery to you door Nationwide - or to personally collect from our Highbury Shop or Finsbury Park Collection Points.

Bon Appétit!

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