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Memorable and mouth wateringly sumptuous

Duck is often bought as a special treat, which is a pity as a Duck makes a regular and affordable mouth-watering alternative weekly Roast.

Our Whole Otter Valley Free Range Ducks are richly flavoured - dark, plump and seriously succulent - with a flavour second to none.

Unlike their bland Supermarket distant relatives

Unlike their bland Supermarket distant relatives - our truly Otter Valley Free Range Ducks are a meat bursting with flavour - with the added indulgence of their fabulous tasting golden, crispy, crunchy skin

Raised near Honiton in the Devon countryside on a family run farm that produces some of the finest Free Range Ducks in the UK.

Allowed to roam free and forage

Allowed to roam free and forage - our Otter Valley Ducks enjoy a healthy diet and a stress free environment that yields a meat that is both memorable and mouth wateringly sumptuous in flavour and texture

Bastes the meat naturally

Well reared Ducks have an extra layer of fat, so when cooking, there is no need to add any fat, as the layer under the skin renders down as the bird cooks and bastes the meat naturally.

Mallard Ducks when in Season

Our Mallard Ducks - when in Season - are leaner due to living in the wild - but lose nothing in terms delivering a full distinctive flavour, together with that very special golden, crispy skin.

Godfreys Duck - not just for special occasions!

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Wild Mallard Duck
Deliciously strong - but not gamey flavour
Our Price: £8.98
Free Range Whole Duck
Full breasted, tender and ready for roasting
Our Price: £39.28
Barbary Duck Breasts Boneless
Perfect for special occasions and dinner parties.
Our Price: £19.98
Barbary Duck Legs Bone-In
Fabulous flavour - perfect for stews, casseroles or a Duck Confit.
Our Price: £9.98
Digital Meat Thermometer
Fast response - Getting Perfect results every time
Our Price: £21.68
Godfreys New Meaty Digital Gift Cards
Gift Card for £10, £20, £50 or £100
Our Price: £10.00

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