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Eight Piece Special Reserve

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Eight Piece Free Range Special Reserve Chicken
Four meals for two - from one Special Reserve Chicken - now thats a very Thrifty cost per meal!

We love the versatility of this cut
Now you can enjoy Premium Quality Free Range Special Reserve Chicken - but at a very Thrifty cost
Some of our customers who are couples manage to get three and even four meals plus a hearty Soup out of this Cut -making this top quality Chicken with its superb taste - and sublime texture - ridiculously great value
You can use some straight away, put some in the Fridge, and put the rest in the freezer
Leave those very, very expensive pre-cut Chickens on the Supermarket Shelf
It’s such a simple idea - and it allows you to leave those very, very expensive pre-cut Chickens of far lesser quality on the Supermarket shelf
Quality poultry raised in the old fashioned way
Raised by the Fredericks family that has been in farming since the early 1800s - the Special Reserve is a Free Range Chicken, slow grown and fed on a natural diet, with a plump breast and delicate flavour. A combination of the best of the old, with the best of the new.

Premium Quality Poultry - raised in the old fashioned way.

Our eight piece Cut Special Reserve Chicken is expertly prepared by separating the whole carcass into: two whole Wings; two Breast Halves that include the Ribs and back portion; two Thighs with back portion and tail attached - and two Drumsticks
Giblets for your homemade Stock or Soups are included and packed separately - and you can even add any leftover bones for even more fabulous flavour
Maximum succulence and flavour
Not everyone can hand cut an Eight piece Chicken so immaculately that each portion has just the right balance of meat left on the bone for maximum succulence and flavour - but that’s what we do  - ensuring that’s exactly what you get - time - after time - after time
Cooked any way you like them
Each set of portions can be cooked any way you like them - roasted, fried or baked  - in your favourite Chinese dishes -  Deep South lip smacking dishes - Levi Roots Caribbean hot and spicy dishes - Spanish Piri Piri Chicken dishes - perhaps baked and garnished with a rich wild mushroom Sauce - or just simply and quickly pan fried
The list is endless - and so delicious
If you aren’t too worried about the Thrifty view then there are still some great Eight Piece Chicken recipes that use all the Cuts in one go such as Chinese Cha Pa Kwai amongst many others - recipes for such dishes are easily found on the Web
Enjoy Special Reserve Chicken whenever - and however you want it

Size:  1 x 2kg
Our Price: £19.90
Ingredients & Allergens

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