Free Range Beef Suet Shredded
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Free Range Beef Suet Shredded

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Pure Beef Suet - the essential ingredient for Steak & Kidney Pies and Puddings

Rare Free Range pure Beef Suet
A seriously hard to find, rare, superb, gourmet treat for lovers of traditional English steam cooking - and especially authentic Steak and Kidney Pies, Dumplings and Puddings.
Gives a unique lightness to Pies
True Beef Suet is the pure opalescent, crumbly fat that surrounds Beef Kidneys.  It has a high melting point, which gives a unique lightness to Pies, Dumplings, Pastries and Sponges - and according to Delia Smith is the correct traditional shortening for Steamed Puddings - sweet and savoury - and also always used to make Mincemeat.
Nothing to do with processed supermarket Suet
Godfreys' Beef Suet  has nothing to do with processed supermarket Suet - and even most Butchers can't stock it - as they no longer can receive Suet intact, with the Kidneys in the middle as the Suet 'knobs' are usually removed from a carcass after slaughter -  so no longer arrive at the butcher attached to the Kidneys.
Our own Dry Aging Rooms
As we have our own Dry Aging Rooms on our premises - where we hang our Free Range Additive Free Beef -we are able to offer pure perfectly prepared shredded Beef Suet for you to freeze or use straight away.
Imparts a special richness
Ground Beef Suet is essential to certain Steamed Puddings, because it melts relatively late in the cooking process, so Beef Suet leaves behind thousands of tiny spaces in the Pudding, These spaces make the Pies, Dumplings and Puddings soft and fine grained. Beef Suet also imparts a special richness, without any beefy taste.
Freshness is all
Recipes that require pure unprocessed Suet range from Scots Pancakes, Steamed Fruit Puddings, Hereford Beef Olives, Slow cooked Beef in Ale, Pork Fillet in Puff pastry, Rabbit Casserole with Dumplings - to the almost decadent Hairy Bikers Beef Suet Puddings with Cauliflower Cheese and Kidneys cooked in Sherry
Freshness is all so we recommend cooking the same day or next day following receipt

Do have a look at our How to Cook/and Related Recipes Tab for some great ways to prepare your Beef Suet Shredded 
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