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Free Range Breast of Lamb

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The forgotten great Lamb roast - amazing value for money.

​​​​​​​An often overlooked and extremely economical, tasty Lamb Cut
Hand prepared 
Hand prepared to the very highest professional standards by our Master Butchers - offering superb, juicy tasting, Premium Quality Lamb, perfectly presented - in a way that we think is only fitting for such rare quality produce

Impeccable husbandry
Prepared from only truly Free Range, slow maturing, additive-free - naturally raised animals - with impeccable husbandry - on lush green pastures - and then Dry Aged to perfection

Meltingly tender meat and a really crispy skin 
Our Free Range, Dry Aged Breast of Lamb comprises of the Brisket and Flank of Lamb - and is fairly fatty but very flavoursome - and works best when cooked slowly - so that much of the fat can melt off and be discarded from the roasting tin.

Cooked this way you are left with meltingly tender meat and a really crispy skin which has lots of flavour

Old-fashioned, rich Lamb flavour
Great for low, slow roasting on the bone for that real old-fashioned, rich Lamb flavour - at a ridiculously low price

Do have a look at ourHow t Cook/Related Recipes Tab for some great ways to prepare your Breast of Lamb
Size: 1 x 1.3kg On the Bone
Our Price: £6.98
Ingredients & Allergens

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