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Free Range Chicken Livers

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Our Chicken Livers are different and very special

Instead of the pink milky coloured, slippery-textured Chicken Livers  normally sold - these Chicken Livers are plump, firm, dark meat that will transform the flavours and textures of the dishes you prepare

Inexpensive and packed with flavour, our Free Range Chicken Livers are taken from only our Premium Quality slow-matured Chickens

Chicken Livers must be fresh to enjoy their intense, rich flavour so we ensure that ours are expertly prepared and presented - so you can use them for your Pates, Terrines, Parfaits - or even sauteed with garlic and topped with freshly chopped parsley as a special treat.  

Chicken Livers - but not as you have seen, or tasted them before

Size: 1 x 500g
Our Price: £4.99
Ingredients & Allergens

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