Free Range Chicken Skewers
Free Range Chicken Skewers Free Range Chicken Skewers
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Free Range Chicken Skewers

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Gold award-winning Chicken Legs coated in mild Cajun Herbs

Allowed time to mature naturally
We take great care in selecting our Free Range Chickens only from farms where the highest standards of animal welfare are practised and that rear their birds in the traditional way - being free to roam and forage, fed on an additive-free natural diet, free from growth enhancers - and allowed time to mature naturally - to yield the most moist, deliciously flavoured meat

​​​​​​​A special slow growing strain
Situated amongst the picturesque Yorkshire Wolds, in the beautiful, quiet, gentle rolling hills surrounding Horse Wold - all of Church Hill Farm Chickens are expertly reared from a special slow growing strain by individual farmers on the Soanes Family Estate
A free ranging life
This special strain of Chickens need - and enjoy - a free ranging life - miles away from the life of intensively produced Chickens - and miles away from the texture and disappointing taste of those poor birds
A class of its own
The strain is a perfect marriage of the best of English and French breeds - to produce a remarkable Free Range Chicken eating experience that is in a class of its own
One of the best tasting Chickens in the UK
Only grain-fed for maximum taste and nutrition - and augmented with whatever they manage to naturally scratch out in the open fields and hedgerows  - these exceptional Chickens are free to roam in this area of exceptional beauty - from dawn till dusk

A mouth watering treat.
Cut from these Premium Quality Chickens - our ever popular Gold award-winning Chicken Skewers are whole, boneless Chicken Legs left with the skin-on for maximum flavour - and seasoned with Cajun herbs.

Ideal for a delicious barbecue treat - or simply pan-fried, griddled, grilled - or roasted 

Do have a look at our How to Cook Tab for how to prepare your Chicken Skewers
Our Price: £5.98
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