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Free Range Fiery Lamb Merguez

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Also called Mirquaz - this is another one of our spicy Sausages, with the recipe this time originating from Morocco.

Add bundles of Flavour
Generally slightly denser, thinner, harder and lower in fat than Chorizo, Merguez Sausages are used to add bundles of flavour to a variety of dishes as well as being generally grilled or barbecued

Used widely in Middle Eastern cooking
We use Free Range Lamb that is finely minced with garlic, seasoned with salt and pepper, ground cumin, freshly chopped coriander mixed with Smoked Hot Paprika and Hot Chilli - and then expertly filled into natural Lamb’s casings to maximise the flavours.

This is a great sausage to use in authentic Middle Eastern cooking or served simply with cous cous or added to pasta.

These spicy North African sausages are very popular in Morocco, where they're served plain, with couscous, in sandwiches, with eggs or stuffed into pastries.

Strong and fragrant flavours
They are also the essential ingredient in the classic Tagine of Lamb and Merguez with its strong and fragrant flavours

Street food in France
Lamb Merguez is also a popular street food in France, where vendors grill the links and serve them with mustard in a split baguette - much like a hot dog

Only as good as the ingredients
A Sausage is only as good as the ingredients you put it into it - and these Hand Made Merguez Sausages are made with only Premium Quality Free Range Shoulder of Lamb - trimmed to perfection - seasoned using only the freshest of ingredients - and carefully formed into a classical fiery Morrocan delight


Size: 1 x 500g Ten Sausages
Our Price: £9.25
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Ingredients & Allergens

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