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Free Range Flat Iron Steak Kebabs

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Freshly Hand made at Godfreys  

Flat Iron Steak has a deep, rich Beefy flavour - with a bit of a bite - and is currently enjoying a huge wave of popularity both by our customers - and by many a famous restaurant   

Hand cut Chunks
We skewer hand cut Chunks of our Premium Quality, Free Range, Dry Aged, lean, expertly trimmed Flat Iron Steak, interleaved with fresh Red Peppers and Courgette    

An exquisite marinade
Once assembled, the Flat Iron Steak chunks are perfectly complemented by an exquisite marinade of Paprika and a balance of Mixed Herb   

Skewered to Perfection for your barbecue or grill.  

Size: 1 x 155g each
Our Price: £3.50
Sorry, this item is out of stock

Ingredients & Allergens

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