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Free Range Lamb's Sweetbreads

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A speciality cut favoured by Chefs - and gaining a big following in restaurants across the country.

Sweetbreads are simply the juicy little Neck Thymus glands of young Sheep.

English Lamb Sweetbreads are a true seasonal treat - at their best from April to September.

Outside of these months they tend to be imported and/or frozen - so with nowhere near as good an eating experience

In-season - delicately flavoured Sweetbreads have a soft, smooth almost velvety, tender texture.

Best pan fried.

They can also be sauteed, braised, grilled or even roasted.

Their popularity in top restaurants - and rarity in butchers - can’t help to whet the appetite to try them to see why they are creating so much interest.

Season : April - September

Size: 1 x 250g
Our Price: £3.50
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Ingredients & Allergens

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