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Free Range Master Steak Burgers

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Created by Phillip - this is an absolute Masterpiece of a Burger

Made from the same Free Range, grass-fed, additive-free, slow matured and expertly Dry Aged Beef as more expensive cuts.

Perfectly husbanded Beef
Our big juicy Master Steak Burgers just have such a special taste and texture that only perfectly husbanded Beef can produce.

Coarse ground once
We use only the finest Free Range, additive-free Chuck Steak - coarse ground - and once only  - to produce a truly sensational Burger - which distinguishes itself by having succulent meaty bits in it - within pockets of juices - that just ooze as you chew!

The lovely Maillard Reaction
On a plate - or in a bun - you get the lovely Maillard Reaction browning effect - for a crunchy tasty outside - and ridiculously juicy inside

Takes Burgers to a different level
A perfect balance of matured meat and fat with a light seasoning of Salt and pepper - the Godfreys Master Steak Burger takes your Steak Burger taste experience to a different level and brings a new dimension of flavour - and size - to the Burgers cooked on your Barbecue or in the frying pan!
Our Price: £1.98
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