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Free Range Mini Steak Burgers

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Free Range Mini Steak Burgers
Ideal not only as a Kiddie Cut quickly prepared after school - but equally at home at parties and Barbecues
Grass-fed additive-free slow-matured Beef
Made from the same grass-fed, additive-free, slow-matured Beef as more expensive cuts - our juicy Free range Mini Steak Burgers just have such a special taste and texture that only perfectly husbanded, and then Dry Aged Beef can produce.
A perfect balance
A perfect balance of slow-matured meat and a little fat with a light seasoning of Salt and Pepper - our Free Range Mini Steak Burgers will take your Steak Burger taste experience to a different level and bring a new dimension of flavour to the steak Burgers on your barbecue
Lovely little morsels of pure Steak heaven
Encourage fussy eaters to eat better quality
As Marcus Wareing says in his Mini Beef and Hummus Burgers recipe: “Making your own healthy 'junk food' is one way to encourage fussy eaters to eat better quality food!
Adding tomato chutney to burgers gives them a delicious flavour and the grated apple makes them moist and really tasty.
My children love this Beef burger recipe. Serve them on their own or in a bun with some salad and ketchup or some oven-baked chips. They are also great cooked on the barbecue in the summer.” 
But you don’t need to be Marcus Wareing to prepare these delicious Free Range Mini Steak Burgers
Simply and quickly served
Simply served on mini buns, sliced rounds of Ciabatta or poshly presented in a Brioche - you can add anything from simple Tomato Ketchup  to caramelised Onions, melted Cheese, Bacon, Mayonnaise or any other filling that takes your fancy
Free Range Mini Steak Burgers can be easily cooked in the oven, in a hot pan - or of course the Barbecue
Gluten free
Gluten free, these little wonders will undoubtedly go down well not only with the kids - but also at the smartest of Parties and Barbecues
Each Pack contains 12 x 28g pure Free Range Mini Steak Burgers

Size: 12 x 28g Burgers
Our Price: £4.50
Ingredients & Allergens

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