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Free Range Ox Cheeks

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A really old fashioned cut that imparts a luxuriously rich taste which marries beautifully with its luscious meltingly tender texture - all at a remarkably low cost.

Cut from the Cheek muscle of our Free Range, grass-fed, slow-matured, additive-free and naturally-raised cattle, Ox Cheek is a dense finely grained lean meat that is best long and slow braised - but in return rewards with almost unrivalled flavour and silky texture of much more expensive cuts.

Tasting somewhere close to Oxtail - Ox Cheeks make a brilliant base for Stews and Casseroles with their richly flavoured and creamy texture - be they rustic or drenched in wine

Hard to find in Supermarkets - if at all - this is a ridiculously Thrifty Cut that excels in producing  fabulously tasting hearty meals that sit just as happily on the family table as in the finest of Restaurants

Rumour has it that Ox Cheeks also produce the best Chilli con Carne.

Size: 1 x 375g per Cheek
Our Price: £6.75
Ingredients & Allergens

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