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Free Range Pigs Cheeks

Ridiculously economical and utterly delicious - a hidden beauty of a Cut, economical, generous and versatile.

And when low and slow properly cooked - is capable of melting into indecently tender silken strands with the collagen in the meat oozing out delivering an incredibly rich sauce  .
Growing appetite for Thrifty Cuts
Chiming perfectly with our growing appetite for the more Thrifty Cuts, Pigs Cheeks are set perhaps to rank alongside the now restaurant favourites of Lamb Shanks and Pork Belly - also once unloved but now a must have on the smartest menus.
Most succulent on the entire Pig 
This meat is some of the most succulent on the entire Pig. 
Our Free Range Pigs Cheeks have been expertly cut from the jowl, and trimmed of all surface fat so that you are buying only lean cheek meat.
Truly heavenly
While straight off the Pig - Cheek meat is not the most tender or lean cut - but when low and slow braised or stewed - all their connective tissue and integrated fat begins to melt into the sauce and the result is truly heavenly.
Impossibly delicious
Slow braised you get impossibly delicious rich distinctive Pork flavours, together with a meltingly tender yielding texture that hardly needs the use of a knife.
As a Pig’s Cheek is fairly small you will need two per person - or about 250g per person - but the size is also an advantage as it means it cooks more quickly than larger Cuts
Alternatively Pigs Cheeks can provide the most tender and delicious meat ingredient for making Brawn or Pork confit.
There’s lots of simple ways to prepare Pigs Cheeks such as appears on the Cuts How to cook button - but do also have a look at some of these to get you started and show you how versatile this Thrifty Cut really is:
Braised Moorish-style Pigs Cheeks with Picada and garlic-cumin potatoes - by Ben Tish
Smoked Roasted Pigs Cheeks with pickled Cabbage and Thyme and Mead Jelly - by The Hairy Bikers
Crispy Pigs Cheeks and deep fried Shallots with Taramasalata and flatbread - by Tom Kerridge
Wonderfully inexpensive you just have to try this versatile Cut before everyone else catches on

Best slow braised - or smoked and roasted

Size: 1 x 500g
Our Price: £6.98
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