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Free Range Salt Beef (corned)

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This has nothing to do with tinned Corned Beef.

This is mouthwateringly Tender Free Range Brisket​​ - with a twist​​​​​

Hand prepared 
Hand prepared to the very highest professional standards by our Master Butchers - offering superb, juicy tasting, Premium Quality Beef, perfectly presented - in a way that we think is only fitting for such rare quality produce

Impeccable husbandry
Prepared from only truly Free Range, slow maturing, additive-free - naturally raised animals - with impeccable husbandry - on lush green pastures - and then Dry Aged to perfection Truly Free Range, immaculately raised, additive-free - and expertly Dry Aged to perfection

Deeply rich satisfying flavour
Cut from just below the Shoulder - this is a Cut that benefits from very slow cooking - and that delivers a deeply rich satisfying flavour that belies its price.

Wet-cured in Brine
Free Range Salt Beef is a mouthwateringly tender Free Range Brisket - properly aged - and wet-cured in Brine and blended with spices on our own premises - to make authentic Salted Brisket which is called Corned Beef In Ireland.

Succulent slices
Traditionally served  on Easter Sunday and St Patrick's Day for the aristocracy in Ireland - it is usually boiled, carved into succulent slices and served with freshly made Cabbage and Carrots.

Also excellent cold
​​​​​​​Also excellent cold - especially in sandwiches

A really economical treat for any time of the year

Best braised or pot-roasted

Do have a look at our How to Cook/and Related Recipes Tab for some great ways to prepare your Salt Beef
Our Price: £12.26

Ingredients & Allergens
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