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Free Range Sirloin Steak

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The perfect balance of rich flavour and tenderness - beautifully marbled, sweet and tender.

Also known as Contre Filet the Sirloin was said to have been knighted by the King of England and for a good reason! 

Truly Free Range, immaculately raised, additive-free - and expertly Dry Aged to perfection

Cut from the back muscle attached to the spine - it is beautifully marbled with a creamy thin outer layer of fat running along the edge to yield a juicy full flavour - sweet and tender.

Sirloin has a bigger, beefier flavour than Fillet or Rib-eye Steaks, meaning it is more suitable for highly flavoured sauces, including those with Onion or a small amount of Chilli.

Cover and rest for maximum succulence

Per Steak
Our Price: £6.48
Ingredients & Allergens

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