Free Range Special Reserve
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Free Range Special Reserve

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Special Reserve - Chicken raised in the old fashioned way.

Quite unlike any other Chicken
The Special Reserve is a truly Free Range Chicken which is slow grown and fed on a natural diet - with a rich flavour - quite unlike any other Chicken. 

Grown to full maturity
Special Reserve Chickens are grown to full maturity of 70-80 days - using a slow growing breed of Chicken carefully selected for its ability to thrive outdoors, and live for almost twice as long as commercial Chickens.

Amazing eating quality
This gives them a longer and happier life scratching around in the fields and this is reflected in the amazing eating quality of the bird.

Straight from the field
The diet contains Maize, but also Whole Oats straight from the field - and also whole Apples fed separately.

Stays moist during cooking
You should see a small fat layer beneath the skin, which is a very stable fat put down mainly by the Whole Oats. This will help this extra special Chicken stay moist during cooking and not just disappear into the pan

A combination of the best of the old, with the best of the new. 

Simply incredible in taste and texture, quite unlike any other.

Best oven-roasted - or can be pot-roasted

Truly Free Range Premium Quality Poultry - raised in the old fashioned way.

Do have a look at our How to Cook/Related Recipes Tab for some great ways to prepare your Label Anglais Special Reserve Chicken

Store in fridge at 1ºc and cook within 2 days of receipt - If freezing - do so on the day of receipt​​​​​​​

During Covid-19 - your Chicken may occasionally be delivered Frozen - but can be refrozen on receipt

Our Price: £17.48

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