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Free Range Whole Goose

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Our succulent, slow reared, truly Free Range whole Geese make a fabulously rich Roast.

Sumptuous, rich, buttery flavour
Goose has a sumptuous, rich, buttery flavour - and is as close as Poultry gets to a beefy taste - mostly due to their free-roaming grassy diet.
Slow reared
Our Free Range Geese are slow reared from newly born Goslings in early spring which enables them to graze freely  for the maximum possible time. 

​​​​​​​Geese do not lend themselves to intensive rearing. 

Intensively reared Geese are slaughtered before the birds reach full maturity and many large producers rear Geese indoors in controlled environments - so their muscles do not fully mature and the birds will be floppy and wet in appearance.

Fully mature and full of flavour. 
Unlike intensive producers which slaughter Geese at 18 weeks old, our Free Range Geese are slaughtered at 26 to 30 weeks old - only when they are fully mature and full of flavour. 

This very special bird
They enjoy stress-free natural environments that allow them to develop their exceptional richly flavoured taste and tender juicy texture - whilst still yielding lots of that prized Goose fat for making the most fabulous roasted Potatoes and Vegetables to accompany this very special bird.

No waste
Goose is a flavoursome, high density meat which calls for smaller portions than other types of Poultry and best of all, there is little to no waste from a Goose 

​​​​​​​Dry plucked, hand finished and hung for a minimum of 10 days for rich, dark and succulent meat that can be cooked to perfection with a crisp golden skin.​​​​​​​

Best roasted

Do have a look at our How to Cook/Related Recipes Tab for some great ways to prepare your Whole Goose

Available in three sizes - Small, Medium and Large

​​​​​​​Only available from 1st December

Our Price: £82.98
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