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Game on at Godfreys!

With the Covid-19 virus repercussions vastly increasing the demand for cooking at home every day - maintaining our usual constant availability is proving difficult - but rest assured we are  working tirelessly with our Farmers to quickly replenish availability as soon is possible on a Daily basis - so you can continue to enjoy eating seasonally  

We continue to strive to offer full service normality - and availability - but hope you understand if some Cuts periodically run out for a short period of time

Game is one of Nature’s natural larders and delivers to us some of the most flavoursome and healthy meats. 

It opens up a whole new range of textures and tastes for the food lover to experience and enjoy.  

Mouth-watering array of textures and flavours
Because most Game has a highly active life and a natural diet it produces lean, low fat and cholesterol meat with a mouth-watering array of textures and flavours. 

We take great care in expertly sourcing only the best quality produce and presenting it perfectly prepared for the kitchen.

Worth the wait!
Some Game is not available all the year round but when it is available - it’s worth the wait!

Posh or easily affordable?
Few would deny the delicious flavours of crispy roast Pheasant or rich pan-fried Wood Pigeon Breasts - but is it a posh treat or easily affordable?

There is a perception that Game is a high cost product because of its association with the exclusive sport of shooting - but nothing could be further from the truth.

An astonishing array of tastes
Game producers are not experiencing so much of the pressure of high grain prices that so affect Beef, Lamb and Chicken - so Game is becoming an increasingly delicious, popular and healthy and affordable alternative - as more and more people start to experiment with cooking with the varied and fabulous choices that Game offers.

Not only do you get an astonishing array of tastes but Game is also surprisingly very good for you.
One of the healthiest meats
Compared to other meats, Game is one of the healthiest meats with Pheasant and Partridge being particularly high in protein but low in fat, Cholesterol and Sodium – together with high levels of vitamin B6 and Selenium that are an essential part of our diet.
Essential omega-3 fatty acids
Dark meats like Pigeon, Grouse or Venison are also high in Iron and essential Omega-3 fatty acids.
Venison Shepherds Pie
Apart from the traditional pan frying or roasting some more adventurous cooks tell us that Pheasant is brilliant in Curries - and Venison makes for a very tasty and healthy Shepherds Pie.

So here are some more recipe suggestions for Game that may provide you with some more food for thought:

• Roast Grouse with Blackcurrant & Beetroot Sauce - by Gerard Baker
Now in season, this Game bird is best served with a fresh, full-flavoured fruit Sauce - and a dash of Whisky to boot!
Preparation time 40 mins : Cooking time 1hr 40mins.
 Click here for Wild Grouse
(Click here for recipe)

• Honey & Black Pepper Partridge with Roast Squash  - by Mike Robinson
This special autumnal main is simpler than it looks!
Preparation time 20 mins : Cooking time 1 hr.
 Click here for Red Leg Partridge
 (Click here for recipe)

• Pot-roast Pheasant with Cider & Bacon - by James Martin
Oven-roast this rich Game bird - bring out the flavour with sweet Cider and Apples, and let the juices run into a Cream and Sage Sauce.
Preparation time 40 mins : Cooking time 1 hr 40 mins. Click here for 
(Click here for recipe)

• Honey-glazed Mallard, Confit Leg, Turnips, Cavolo Nero - by Paul Welburn
This  stunning recipe sees the Crowns coloured in a pan before roasting in the oven to perfection, then glazed with a rich mixture of Honey, Star Anise and Juniper. The Legs are cooked confit and served with Baby Turnips, Cavolo Nero and a rich Mallard Duck Sauce. 
Preparation/Cooking time 3 hrs 30 mins. Click here for 
Wild Mallard Duck - ask us to remove the Legs and trim the Crowns
(Click here for recipe)

• Raised Game Pie  - by Paul Hollywood
A Game Pie always makes a spectacular centerpiece and this handsome example is straightforward to make
Preparation time - less than 30 mins : Cooking time : 1-2 hrs. Click here for 
Venison, Wild Rabbit, Pheasant, Wood Pigeon, Pork Belly
(Click here for recipe)

• Slow Cooked Rabbit Stew
This is a true taste of Autumn - a big bowl of rich, dark and boozy Wild Rabbit Casserole
Preparation time 25 mins : Cooking time 2hrs 10mins.
 Click here for Wild Rabbit
(Click here for recipe)

• Venison, Celeriac & Mushroom Pudding - by Russell Brown
This baked Venison Pudding recipe is the ultimate in wintry comfort food, packed with flavour from this fabulous Game meat, Mushrooms and Celeriac. 
      Preparation/Cooking time : 2 hrs 45 mins. Click here for 
Hand Diced Venison
(Click here for recipe)

• Pan-fried Venison with Blackberry Sauce - by Sara Buenfield
Blackberries are delicious in savoury Sauces, and this version is the perfect match for the richly flavoured Venison
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 15 mins. Click here for 
Venison Haunch Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

Give it a click
So why not give it a click - and experience a whole new way to enjoy Godfreys Free Range Premium Meats and Poultry by ordering from the comfort of your own home - or from your place of work - at a time that is convenient to you.
We do the rest - be it if you would prefer delivery to your door Nationwide - or to personally collect from our Highbury Shop or Finsbury Park Collection Points.

So if you fancy a Game - now is the time to visit the new live Game On! tab on our website www.godfreys.co to see the full range of Game you can now enjoy.
Happy Hunting!

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