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Godfreys Farmers Specials

Premium Quality Meats and Poultry should never be discounted

By nature of its hand-raised - and impeccable husbandry standards - Free Range Premium Quality Meats and Poultry is in very limited supply - and not always immediately available - until it grows into the peak of perfection

Vagaries of the weather

But sometimes - due to the vagaries of the weather - or other quirks of nature - one of our Farms may overproduce - or have a seasonal glut.

Grows too fast

Sometimes the Poultry grows too fast - and is too large to sell - or simply the Farmer’s customers cancel orders - leaving the unfortunate Farmer with a surplus - usually at very short notice - which is difficult for them to sell with no immediate access to consumer markets

Farmers have asked

For some time - many of our Farmers have asked if we could help in these circumstances - as we already have the State of the Art Maturation, Storage and Meat Preparation facilities - and now - thanks to our Award Winning Website - immediate access to a loyal and knowledgeable customer base - Nationwide

Risk of wasting

Previously for us to do this would have entailed some risk of being overstocked - and a further risk of wasting a Premium Quality product - which just isn’t part of our nature, DNA - or core beliefs

Listening to our farmers needs

But we always endeavour to carefully listen to our farmers needs. Sometimes there is not a way forward - but we think we may have finally come up with one which - we hope - is an effectively way of getting these Premium Quality Cuts to our customers plates in a manner that benefits everyone

A Farmers Specials Tab

When available we will feature a Farmers Specials Tab at the Top of our Website Home Page which will feature any of these opportunities if they come along

An attractive price

When these opportunities do come along - we will be working with the Farmers - to jointly offer an attractive price so all parties get a benefit

Success without waste

In trying to do so successfully without waste - the farmers get to obtain a return on what may be excessive stocks - and at the same time release precious resources and finances - to produce new stocks to support their businesses

Helping our Farmers

At the same time as helping our farmers with these occasional occurrences, we get the benefit to offer special prices - on Premium Quality Meats and Poultry - to our customers

Our treasured customers

You - our treasured customers - in turn - benefit from being able to purchase our Premium Quality Poultry and Meats at very attractive prices - whilst helping out the Farmer

Catch these Godfreys Farmers Specials

You will need to be registered on the Website to catch these Godfreys Farmers Specials as soon as they appear - as obviously they will be in small, limited quantities - and available hopefully - for only a very short time

Rare opportunities

We hope this new Godfreys service will help our Farmers with their gluts - and will offer you - rare opportunities to buy Premium Quality Meats and Poultry - at attractive prices - that only come from the best farmers we have grown up with - and want to support for now - and for the long term

Our first Godfreys Farmers Specials

Our first Godfreys Farmers Specials will be appearing soon - so please make sure you -and your friends - are registered - to get first dibs at what we hope will be a successful new venture we can all enjoy the benefits of!


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