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Godfrey's Guide To BBQ Cuts

Godfreys Guide to Sizzling Barbecue Cuts

Sultry al fresco Summer afternoons and balmy evenings where the tang of meat cooking on smouldering charcoal wafts tantalisingly past and intermingles with the buzz of conversation and laughter of friends and families eating, drinking and relaxing – that is what Barbecues are all about.

Sacred fire pit 
The word Barbecue is widely thought to derive from the word “barabicu” found in the language of the Taino people of the Caribbean -and entered European languages as “barbacoa”- which translates as “sacred fire pit.”
Traditionally barbecuing was a very slow way to cook primarily Pork in the Southern States of America - but today we now barbecue almost all species of meat.

Distinct regional variations 
In the US, there are now several distinct regional variations of Barbecue, which include styles from Memphis, Carolina, Kansas City and Texas.

Memphis is renowned for its Ribs and Pulled Pork Shoulder, which come both wet and dry. For wet Ribs, sauce is brushed on both before and after cooking, while dry Ribs are seasoned with a dry rub.

Carolina barbecue on the other hand is known for their Pork (they smoke the entire Hog), which they serve with a tangy, vinegar-based sauce.

Kansas City barbecue uses a wide variety of meat which is served with a thick and sweet sauce made of tomatoes and molasses.
Last but certainly not least, is the
Texas barbecue, which is known for Beef that they smoke over Mesquite for hours. Slow barbecued Brisket Cowboy-style is mouth wateringly delicious!

Choosing the right cuts
Choosing the right cuts and quality of meat is paramount. There is no substitute for slow-grown, impeccably reared and correctly aged, additive-free Meat. 

Mouth-watering tastes and textures 
Only that Premium Quality of meat will cook through and provide the mouth-watering tastes and textures that can only come from the subtle seasoning of glowing embers of charcoal - and the searing effect of hot grill bars - producing that irresistible combination of caramelised meat sugars - and gentle smokiness - that make Barbecued food always taste so special.

Three Golden Rules
To avoid the unpleasant tastes of over zealous charring either from overheating or excessive dripping fat - Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall in his excellent book “The River Cottage Meat Book” - outlines his three Golden Rules to successfully barbecuing your Meats.

1 Don’t cook over flames - cook over embers

2 Remove any excessive fat - especially around Chops - as the excess fat just flares up sending plumes of soot to taint the meat flavours
Also wipe off any excess oil from Marinades - as that has the same effect
Intramuscular fat or fat lined edges - or a thin film of Marinade-  are essential to create and enhance meat flavours - it’s the excessive fat or oil that leads to that awful  burnt charring

3 Use generous amounts of Charcoal or Wood to avoid refueling whilst the Meat is already cooking - as you want enough fuel to provide an even temperature for however long the cooking takes.

So fully armed with all these facts - here are some Barbecue recipes for you to start smouldering over:

Splendidly seasonal Recipe suggestions
Seasonal recipes to try include: 

•  Cumin and Onion Marinated Beef -
Based on the revered Brazilian dish Churrasco, Steak is flavoured with tangy Worcester Sauce, Spices, Citrus and Garlic for an absolute treat.
Preparation time 10 mins plus up to 1 day marinating and resting : Cooking time  10 mins. 
Click here for
 Bavette Steak - but Onglet Steak and Flat Iron Steaks will work just as well. 
(Click title for recipe)

Chilli-glazed Sticky Ribs - by James Martin
This easy recipe for Sticky Ribs with fluffy Jacket Potatoes is American comfort food at its best! Serve with Coleslaw, Green salad and Onion rings.
Preparation time Less than 30 mins : Cooking time : 1-2hrs. 
Click here for Rack of Pork Ribs
(Click title for recipe)

• Dukkah-spiced BBQ Chicken Wings
Thrifty Cuts Chicken Wings make a perfect platter of finger food to share at a barbecue or party - this nutty spice mix gives a crispy golden coating

Preparation time 15 mins plus marinating : Cooking time 50 mins 
Click here for Chicken Wings
(Click title for recipe)

•  Beer-braised Short Ribs - by Tom Kerridge
Sticky, tender Thrifty Beef Short Ribs with a subtle oak-smoked flavour are sure to be a hit at your next barbecue
Preparation time 15 mins plus overnight marinating : Cooking time 6 hrs.
Click here for Short Ribs (Jacobs Ladders), Fresh Chicken Stock
(Click title for recipe)

•  Aussie Burgers with the lot - by John Torode
Stack your grilled Beef Burgers with Cheese, Bacon, Pineapple, Beetroot, Tomato and Lettuce - the Australian way
Preparation time 40 mins plus chilling : Cooking time 30 mins.
Click here for Steak Mince, Smoked Back Bacon 
(Click title for recipe)

•  Char Siu (BBQ Pork) - by Jeremy Pang
Marinate Rindless Pork Belly in a sticky Hoisin barbecue sauce, then roast until tender - perfect to fill steamed Bao buns.
Preparation time 15 mins plus overnight marinating : Cooking time 4 hrs 30 mins.  
Click here for Pork Belly - ask us to take the Rind off 
(Click title for recipe)

•  Spatchcock Piri-Piri Chicken - by James Martin
Butterfly a whole Chicken by removing the backbone to keep it juicy during grilling, and flavour with a Chilli Pepper marinade
 Preparation time 15 mins plus marinating : Cooking time 35 mins. 
Click here for Special Reserve Chicken - ask us to butterfly your Chicken
(Click title for recipe)

•  Barbecued Greek Lamb with Tzatziki - by Barney Desmazery
We expertly butterfly the Leg of Lamb, so you only have to prepare with Greek flavours and BBQ - then enjoy!
Preparation time 40 mins plus marinating : Cooking time 30-40 mins. 
Click here for Leg of Lamb - Butterflied
(Click title for recipe)

•  Texas Barbecue Brisket
Take your Barbecue beyond the Burger with this brilliant Beef Brisket - Thrifty too!
        Preparation time 30 mins : Cooking time 6 hrs. 
Click here for Rolled Brisket, Fresh Beef Stock, Dijon Mustard
(Click title for recipe)

If you looking for something even more different for your Barbecue do try our discussion provoking Boerewors Sausages - South Africa’s favourite Beef Barbecue Sausage - the full story is on the Sausage page 

No one misses out!
Or you could just throw some of our Premium Quality Handmade Sausages or freshly prepared Kebabs on to the coals for a sizzlingly simple treat - with Gluten-free varieties also available - so no one misses out!

Our favourite Barbecue Cuts  
For a full list of all our favourite Barbecue Cuts and ideas visit the special Barbecue Cuts tab on our web site at to help you select the quality ingredients and best Cuts that make for a successful, enjoyable and brilliantly tasting Barbecue.

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