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Goose has  a sumptuous rich buttery flavour and is as close as poultry gets to a beefy taste - mostly due to their free-roaming grass diet.

Our Free Range Geese are slow reared  from newly born goslings in early spring. They enjoy stress-free natural environments that allow them to develop their exceptional richly flavoured taste and tender juicy texture- whilst still yielding lots of that prized Goose fat for making the most fabulous Roasted potatoes and vegetables to accompany this very special bird.

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Free Range Whole 3 Bird Roast

Free Range Goose,Capon and Pheasant with a rich, luscious, fruity Stuffing

Available from 23rd November

Our Price: £149.98
Free Range Whole Goose

Our succulent Free Range whole Geese make a fabulously rich Roast.

Available from 23rd November

Our Price: From: £99.98