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Handmade Sausages

Godfreys International Award-winning, handmade Sausages - hand crafted for over 110 years

In the late 1800's our Great Great Grandfather - Frank Godfrey- first brought his famous Lincolnshire Sausage recipe down to London

Recipes handed down over generations

And after successive generations of Premium Sausage making - with recipes handed down over the generations - his Great Great Grandson - Phillip Godfrey- now personally looks after all of our Hand Made Sausage making.

Carrying on the family traditions

Phillip carries on the family traditions - not only creating his fabulously tasting Sausages - but also winning numerous Awards along the way throughout Europe and the UK consistently over his 30 years as a Master Butcher.

The finest ingredients

Phillip is passionate that he uses only the finest ingredients in his Premium Sausages.

"A Sausage is only as good as the ingredients that go into them."

Only naturally reared prime Pork, Beef and Lamb Cuts, selected quality Herbs, the best Spices, and the freshest of Vegetables are used to fill our natural skin casings.

The Sausage meat is ground only from the same Premium Quality Beef, Pork and Lamb that we use for our Premium Quality Cuts

The sublime experience of eating Premium Quality Sausages

These Hand made Premium Quality Sausages recreate - both our traditional recipes - as well as our recipes from around the world - and will remind you of the seriously sublime experience of eating Sausages with that special taste - the way only prime ingredients and generations of experience - can produce

Check out our Video on producing the Perfect Bangers and Mash!

Hand made Godfreys Sausages - for a sublime eating experience that only Premium Quality Sausages can provide

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Chilli Chicken Sausages  

Free Range hand ground Chicken - with fresh Chillis & hand pressed Garlic.

Our Price: £8.98
Free Range Boerewors Sausages  

The classic South African Farmers Sausage.

Our Price: £6.98
Free Range Fiery Lamb Merguez  

Spicy, strong and fragrant Moroccan inspired Sausages

Our Price: £9.98
Pork Chorizo Rosario Sausages
A smoky powerhouse of flavours - the hot Sausage of the moment!
Our Price: £10.48
Directors Sausages
Peppery - and our very favourite Sausage.
Our Price: £7.48
Directors Chipolatas
Sweet, succulent - great in salads, quick to cook.
Our Price: £7.98
Godfrey's Original Lincolnshires  

Our original 1905 recipe! - a unique Sausage with a robust, really old-fashioned flavour.

Our Price: £7.48
Lincolnshire Sausages
A perfectly flavoured Breakfast Sausage.
Our Price: £7.48
Lincolnshire Chipolatas
Party favourite and childrens choice.
Our Price: £7.98
Pork and Apple Sausages  

Mild, sweet, and perfect for children - and grown-ups alike!

Our Price: £7.48
Pork and Leek Sausages

A great savoury Sausage.

Our Price: £7.48
Toulouse Sausages   

Robust and garlicky - ideal for Casseroles or Cassoulets.

Our Price: £7.48
Cumberland Sausages
Classic and barbecue favourite - an exceptional Sausage not to be missed
Our Price: £7.48
Gluten Free Cumberland Sausages  

Gluten Free, Free Range Sausages that taste great!

Our Price: £7.48
Directors Cocktail Sausages
Delicious bite sized Favourites- Perfect for Parties
Our Price: £7.98
Lincolnshire Cocktail Sausages
Herby, small bite size Sausage - perfect for parties.
Our Price: £7.98
Pigs in Blankets with Pancetta
Traditional - but with a gourmet twist for parties and kids.
Our Price: £10.98
Directors Sausage Burgers   

Directors Sausage Meat - made into gourmet Pork Burgers.

Our Price: £1.98
Directors Sausage Meat
Free range ground Pork Cuts with White Pepper, Nutmeg and Mace.
Our Price: £6.98
Lincolnshire Herby Sausage Meat
Ground Free Range Pork Cuts, skillfully blended with an array of Herbs.
Our Price: £6.98
Ramsays Black Pudding Stick
"The Best Black Pudding in Scotland" - Nick Nairn
Our Price: £16.48
Ramsays Black Pudding Sliced
The Best Black Pudding in Scotland - Nick Nairn
Our Price: £6.98
Ramsays Mini Black Pudding
The Best Black Pudding in Scotland - Nick Nairn
Our Price: £5.98
Gluten Free Mini Black Pudding
Gluten Free version of Ramsays Award winning Black Pudding
Our Price: £5.98
Ramsays Black Pudding Pipes
The Best Black Pudding in Scotland - Nick Nairn
Our Price: £2.98
Ramsays traditional Ball Haggis
Authentic Award winning Scottish Haggis at its best
Our Price: £10.78
Ceremonial Haggis

Authentic Scottish Haggis at its best

Our Price: From: £19.98
Ramsays Vegetarian Haggis
Moist and sumptuous alternative
Our Price: £8.98
Digital Meat Thermometer
Fast response - Getting Perfect results every time
Our Price: £21.68
Godfreys New Meaty Digital Gift Cards
Gift Card for £10, £20, £50 or £100
Our Price: £10.00

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