How to Cook Free Range Lamb Rump Mini Roast
Always best to bring the meat to room temperature before cooking

For this piece of Lamb, we suggest Roasting, Barbecue, or Grill

Barbecue or Grill 10 minutes a side and rest 

Core Temperatures using a Meat thermometer

Rare 48-50°c rested 52-54°c Roast for 10 Minutes 190°c
Medium Rare 52-54°c rested 56-58°c Roast for 15 Minutes 190°c
Medium 56-58°c rested 60-62°c Roast for 20 Minutes 190°c
Well Done 65-68°c rested 70-75°c Roast for 25 Minutes 190°c

For roasts, rest for 15-20 minutes after cooking.