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Indulgent Lamb Florentine Chops

Our Lamb Florentine Loin Chops - or Double Rib Loin Chops as they are sometimes known - are two Lamb French-trimmed Ribs per Chop.

Cut from the Loin which has been left on the bone and expertly Dry Aged - yielding an extra depth of rich Lamb flavour - and because they are so tender, you can grill them or fry them - but they also work particularly brilliantly on the Barbecue.

Cut only from our grass-fed, slow-matured, additive-free, Premium Quality Lamb - from farms with impeccable provenance and world class husbandry skills - our Lamb Florentine Chops are hand prepared by our Master Butchers yielding a sumptuous, mouth watering, tasting experience that allows the perfect balance of slight charring on the outside whilst retaining that luscious pink Meat on the inside

Fully flavoured with sweet Meat and just the right amount of creamy fat

These Chops typically run about 2 inches thick. The benefit of using thicker Lamb Chops like these is that they can be more easily cooked to rare or medium rare - while still having a well seared exterior - than thinner Chops.

Cooking methods that work well for double-thick Lamb Chops include grilling and pan searing followed by roasting - and of course - the Barbecue.

Packed full of flavour

Since Lamb Florentine Chops will have a wide, thin layer of top fat, after browning them on both sides, stand the Chops on this fatty side to brown and crisp.

Concentrate and intensify flavours

On a Godfreys Lamb Florentine Chop - the eye of the Loin is left on both Ribs and some of the backbone and so the eye of Meat is not left open to the atmosphere - which allows the tastes to concentrate and intensify - as the Chops retain more of their juices and flavours from Dry-Ageing and cooking

A bit more time 

You can cook Florentine Lamb Chops much like a normal Lamb Chop - just allow a little more time because of the size - and also allow a bit more time to enjoy this exceptional eating experience - all the way down to the last morsel on those tasty bones

However if you want to be a bit more adventurous with your Florentine Lamb Chops recipes you will need to go off the beaten track a bit - mostly to America - where these are extremely popular

So here are a few recipes that you may wish to consider:

• Rosemary Crusted Lamb Chops - by Elise Bauer
Cooking for two? A romantic dinner perhaps? Then this is the recipe for you!
Rub with some chopped Herbs, Garlic, Salt, Pepper, and Olive Oil - let sit for a bit, sear all over on high heat, let rest a few minutes, and serve.
Preparation time 10 mins - plus 30 mins marinating : Cooking time: 10 mins. Click here for Godfreys Florentine Lamb Chops
(Click here for recipe)

• Double-Cut Lamb Chops with Garlic-Caper Rub - by Mary-Frances Heck
Punchy Anchovies and Garlic mellow during their short cook time, adding umami to Double-Cut Lamb Chops. Reverse-searing using the broiler results in perfectly cooked Lamb with a crispy exterior. Serve the carved Chops over cooked Orzo to balance out the meal. 
Preparation/Cooking time 15 mins. Click here for Godfreys Florentine Lamb Chops
(Click here for recipe)

• Herb-Scented Double Rib Lamb Chops  - by Lauren Groveman
You won’t find Lamb Chops better than these: thick with a very dark exterior, a rosy-red interior, and a savoury flavour that leaves nothing to be desired.
Preparation/Cooking time 1hr in total. Click here for Godfreys Florentine Lamb Chops
(Click here for recipe)

• Lamb Chops with Indian Spices
One of the top-selling dishes at London's Tamarind restaurant, Alfred Prasad creates an Indian-inspired Lamb dish, served with fresh Mint
Preparation time allow 4 hrs for marinating : Cooking time 1hr - 1hr 30 mins. Click here for Godfreys Florentine Lamb Chops
(Click here for recipe)

• Wrapped Double-Cut Mediterranean Lamb Chops - by Maranda Engelbrecht
Florentine Lamb Chops with Prosciutto, Anchovies, Capers, Leeks and Feta Cheese all combine beautifully in this classic Mediterranean recipe
Preparation/Cooking time 40 mins. Click here for Godfreys Florentine Lamb Chops 
(Click here for recipe)

• Pan-fried Lamb Chops with Harissa - by Tyler Florence
Serve the Chops with the Bulgar Wheat Salad and garnished with Coriander, with the Harissa Sauce on the side.
Preparation time 30 mins : Cooking time 30 mins. Click here for Godfreys Florentine Lamb Chops 
(Click here for recipe)

So there you have it - Godfreys Lamb Florentine Chops - double the Ribs - which develop and intensifies the already fabulous flavours even further - to produce absolutely mouthwatering, Dry-Aged Lamb perfection! 

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