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Kiddies Cuts

Kiddies Cuts

Packed with pure goodness, quick to prepare

Packed with pure goodness, quick to prepare, a hit with the Kids - and just the thing for straight after School, or during the Kids holidays.

This list of suggestions is really from our own experiences of our own wives and kids - together with those of the Mothers, Fathers and Nannies we serve everyday.

Instead of having to buy supermarket meat

Instead of having to buy supermarket meat usually packed with E numbers produced in industrial numbers - you can quickly prepare Free Range additive-free Cuts that not only have impeccable rearing pedigrees, fabulous flavours and textures - but also that you know the Kids will love the special tastes - and devour them with relish.

Develop their palates healthily

Its good to get Kids to not only enjoy and understand the difference Meats with impeccable provenance provide - but it also prepares them to develop their palates healthily without thinking Fish Fingers are hatched and swim in the sea - in that monolithic shape!  

For the Kids to enjoy and thrive upon

Our suggested Premium Quality Cuts are all created from the same prime additive-free, slow-reared Meat we use for the grown up Cuts, so you can be assured you are buying only the purest ingredients for the Kids to enjoy and thrive upon.  

None of these Cuts are expensive

They may be Prime Quality and expertly prepared yet none of these Cuts are expensive - so the family budget can be kept intact whilst relishing top quality meals everyday  

Hungry mouths

We have included obvious favourites such as a wide range of Sausages - but watch the Meatballs and Pigs in Blankets with Pancetta disappear down those hungry mouths.

Perhaps you have your own Favourites which we would love to hear about - but in the meantime we hope you find this new Kiddies Cuts a helpful addition to our web site.  

Godfreys Kiddies Cuts - ​Packed with pure goodness, quick to prepare​

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Free Range Lean Minced Beef
Made only from grass-fed, additive-free, slow-matured Beef.
Our Price: £8.98
Free Range Handmade Meatballs  

100% pure meat, perfectly ground and seasoned with a little Salt and Pepper.

Our Price: £6.48
Free Range Lamb Rosettes

Minced Lamb and Garlic, seasoned with Mixed Herbs to perfection.

Our Price: £2.28
Free Range Lean Lamb Mince

Perfect for simple Shepherds Pie, Moussaka and beyond.

Our Price: £9.98
Free Range Chicken Thighs  

Bone-in, skin-on. Perfect for roasting, stewing or pan frying.

Our Price: £10.58
Free Range Chicken Drumsticks

A family favourite - ideal for stews, roasting and barbecueing

Our Price: £4.98
Free Range Hand Diced Chicken
Tender moist Chicken, ready to stew or skewer.
Our Price: £7.98
Chicken Peri Peri Wings
Skewered Chicken Wings in sweet Chilli Sauce.
Our Price: From: £3.98
Chinese Chicken Plum Parcels  

Juicy Marinated Chicken stuffed with Plums.

Our Price: £4.98
Lemon and Coriander Parcels

Lemon and Coriander Marinated Chicken Stuffed with Sausage Meat.

Our Price: £4.98
Free Range Chicken Skewers  

Gold award-winning Chicken Legs coated in mild Cajun Herbs

Our Price: From: £6.38
Free Range Marinated Kebabs

Legs in a choice of spicy Argentinian, Japanese Soy or Plain flavours.

Our Price: £5.98
Chilli Chicken Sausages  

Free Range hand ground Chicken - with fresh Chillis & hand pressed Garlic.

Our Price: £8.98
Directors Sausages
Peppery - and our very favourite Sausage.
Our Price: £7.48
Directors Chipolatas
Sweet, succulent - great in salads, quick to cook.
Our Price: £7.98
Godfrey's Original Lincolnshires  

Our original 1905 recipe! - a unique Sausage with a robust, really old-fashioned flavour.

Our Price: £7.48
Lincolnshire Sausages
A perfectly flavoured Breakfast Sausage.
Our Price: £7.48
Lincolnshire Chipolatas
Party favourite and childrens choice.
Our Price: £7.98
Pork and Apple Sausages  

Mild, sweet, and perfect for children - and grown-ups alike!

Our Price: £7.48
Pork and Leek Sausages

A great savoury Sausage.

Our Price: £7.48
Toulouse Sausages   

Robust and garlicky - ideal for Casseroles or Cassoulets.

Our Price: £7.48
Cumberland Sausages
Classic and barbecue favourite - an exceptional Sausage not to be missed
Our Price: £7.48
Gluten Free Cumberland Sausages  

Gluten Free, Free Range Sausages that taste great!

Our Price: £7.48
Lincolnshire Cocktail Sausages
Herby, small bite size Sausage - perfect for parties.
Our Price: £7.98
Pigs in Blankets with Pancetta
Traditional - but with a gourmet twist for parties and kids.
Our Price: £10.98
Directors Sausage Burgers   

Directors Sausage Meat - made into gourmet Pork Burgers.

Our Price: £1.98
Directors Sausage Meat
Free range ground Pork Cuts with White Pepper, Nutmeg and Mace.
Our Price: £6.98
Lincolnshire Herby Sausage Meat
Ground Free Range Pork Cuts, skillfully blended with an array of Herbs.
Our Price: £6.98
Free Range Rack of Pork Ribs  

A classic, economical and delicious barbecue staple - ideal for marinating.

Our Price: From: £17.88
Free Range Marinated Pork Ribs   

Marinated in a sweet Chinese Sauce - ready to grill, bake or barbecue.

Our Price: £6.98
Free Range Pork Mince
Used in 100s of recipes - from Meat Balls to Bolognaise.
Our Price: £5.78
Veal Mince  

Veal Mince is lean, healthy, and perfect for Meatballs or as a Beef alternative.

Our Price: £12.98

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