Label Anglais Apple fed Cockerel
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Label Anglais Apple fed Cockerel

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An excellent alternative to Turkey with a buttery texture and immense flavour

These traditionally raised slow-grown Label Anglais male birds are bred for their massive size - and with a big flavour to match.

Can be slow-roasted, pot roasted or braised - and any leftovers are ideal for making curries and stews - while the bones make excellent soups and stock.

Juicier, bolder meat with a gamier flavour
The Label Anglais Free Range Cockerel is a juicier, bolder meat with a slightly gamier flavour which is quite simply - delicious.

Forgotten how good this bird is
We really think that people have forgotten how good this bird is - but demand has started to swell for this long forgotten, low and slow cooked tasty treat.

Distinctive richness of flavour
Label Anglais Apple fed Cockerels are matured for another 4 - 6 weeks in addition to the 81 days allowed for their Chickens which allows the bird to slowly and naturally grow - which adds to the more distinctive richness of flavour and moist and succulent meat quality.

The very best poultry
Reared without the use of hormones or growth promoters, our Cockerels are fed on a grain and Apple based diet (sourced locally), and reared to extremely high standards of welfare and husbandry, confirming our passionate commitment to give you the very best poultry for your celebratory table

Slow matured Perfection
The Free Range Cockerels are then dry plucked and allowed to hang, in their entirety, in a temperature controlled environment until they reach slow matured perfection

Something more adventurous
If you are looking at preparing something more adventurous than a Roast - Elizabeth Davids rich decadent French recipes are an ideal place to start to look at classical ways of serving this long lost treat

Comes complete with Giblets

An excellent, juicy alternative to Turkey

Only available between 17th - 24th  December

Our Price: £45.43

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