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Lamb Breast Roulade

Free Range Lamb Breast Roulade
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With the Covid-19 virus repercussions vastly increasing the demand for cooking at home every day - maintaining our usual constant availability is proving difficult - but rest assured we are working tirelessly with our Farmers to quickly replenish availability as soon is possible on a Daily basis - so you can continue to enjoy eating seasonally

We continue to strive to offer full service normality - and availability - but hope you understand if some Cuts periodically run out for a short period of time


This exceptional Cut will change the way you look at Breast of Lamb - forever!

Meltingly tender

Beautifully meltingly tender on the inside - sublimely crispy skin on the outside - with a real smack of full, old fashioned Lamb flavour.

A fraction of the cost

It looks like a Lamb Noisette - some say - it tastes even better - but at a fraction of the cost!

A joy to eat

By taking a normal Breast of Lamb - first deboning it - and then expertly trimming the majority of the fat and sinew - we have a Cut of meat that really is a joy to eat

Finally we roll and fold the trimmed meat and string tie it off - for perfect cooking and presentation - hence the name Lamb Breast Roulade

Pure juicy Lamb eating pleasure

None of the excess fatty liquid - none of the chewy bits - no need to stuff with Breadcrumbs to soak up the internal fat - just pure juicy Lamb eating pleasure

A Thrifty Cut at a ridiculously low price

A Thrifty Cut at a ridiculously low price - a Mini Roast when there is only two of you  - or for the larger gathering - just buy two - or more - for a full Lamb Roast that will remain in the memory for a very long time!

From each Lamb we only get two Breasts to prepare these beauties - so supply will be tight - but you really need to try one to understand just how great value this Cut really is!

Perfect for low and slow roasting

How to Cook

Follow our How to Cook instructions on the product page for the classic way to cook this Cut - and you wont be disappointed

When you have tried our Lamb Breast Roulade once - you will be back for more - and for the more adventurous - here are a few recipes to explore just to show how versatile Lamb Breast Roulade can be

• Breast of Lamb baked with Onions - by Simon Hopkinson
Simon Hopkinson’s slow-cooked Lamb marries French technique with English soul for a tempting family dish.
Preparation time less than 30 mins : Cooking time over 2 hrs. Click here for  Breast of Lamb Roulade
(Click here for recipe)

• Mustard-crusted Breast of Lamb - by Barney Desmazery
Breast of Lamb is a forgotten cut, which means it's great value, as well as deliciously tender when slow-cooked
Preparation time 20 mins : Cooking time 3 hrs. Click here for  Breast of Lamb Roulade
(Click here for recipe)

• Crispy Lamb Breast, Broad Beans, Chilli & Marjoram - by Tom Kerridge
Lamb, pan-fried with Polenta to give it an irresistibly crisp finish, served with tender Broad Beans, Shallots and Herbs            
Preparation time 45 mins : Cooking time 4 hrs 30 mins. - plus overnight chilling. Click here for Breast of Lamb Roulade
(Click here for recipe)

• Crispy Mongolian Lamb
Braise Lamb Breast with aromatics then grill until crisp and serve with Noodles for a cheap but chic meal for two
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 3 hrs. Click here for Breast of Lamb Roulade
(Click here for recipe)

• Breast of Lamb, Broccoli, Anchovy & Caper Dressing - by Tom Kerridge
Lamb Breast is a great make-ahead dinner where slow-cooking turns a cheap cut of meat into a luxury. 
Preparation time overnight : Cooking time over 2 hrs. Click here for  Breast of Lamb Roulade
(Click here for recipe)

• Lamb Slice with Garlic Mayonnaise - Simon Hopkinson
Try Simon Hopkinson’s recipe for any leftover Lamb - crispy-crumbed meat with a rich homemade Mayonnaise. Preparation time less than 30 mins : Cooking time less than 10 minutes. Click here for Breast of Lamb Roulade
(Click here for recipe)

So whether you choose one of the recipes above - or are just inspired to explore further Lamb Breast Roulade recipes - we hope we have given you plenty of food for thought

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Bon Appétit!

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