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Less than 30 mins Recipes

Less than 30 mins Recipes - Perfect for midweek dinners and last-minute lunches

We have now added over 2000 Related Recipes to our Website - very generously sprinkled with Michelin Chef recipes - right across the whole range of Joints and Cuts
Now almost every Joint or Cut has a delicious choice of Related Recipes for you to choose from

And these are not just any recipes

Previously our How to Cook page for each Cut described the basic ways to cook each Cut - be it Pan Fried, Grilled, Oven Roasted, Oven Baked, Braised or Barbecued - or as one famous celebrity cook has said - meekro-waah-veyd

A New Related Recipes Bar

Last year on each How to Cook page - where applicable - we added a Related Recipes Bar that shows other recipes you may wish to try - and also showcase other ways to cook your Joint or Cut that may not have occurred to you

Luscious Images

Each Related Recipe has an Image of the product that shows exactly what the cooked Cut will look like

Short Descriptions

Under that Image is a short description to give you a quick idea what the Recipe is all about

Now here’s the clever bit

Hey Presto!

Click on the Recipe - hey presto! - you are immediately transported to the Recipe Page with full lists of Ingredients and precise Preparation and Cooking Times and detailed Instructions

As we said previously - these Recipes are not any run of the mill Recipes

Carefully curated for each product - we try to offer:

Recipes in Season
Quickly prepared Meals
Slow-and-Low Cooked Meals
Different Cooking methods for the same Cut
Thrifty Meals
Indulgent Meals
Meals you wouldn’t expect from a Cut
Differing Cuisines especially suited to that Cut
The simplest of comforting Dishes - to the most cheffy creations

All by Chefs that range from the Seasoned Hands - to the most Cutting edge, Culinary Magicians - but now including a very generous sprinkling of Michelin Chef recipes - each highlighted on the relevant Related Recipes page

Select for each Cut

So you can select for each Cut - something simple, something fast, something slow, something new, something showy - and then when you are feeling adventurous - have a go at one the Michelin Chefs recipes - all by Chefs that hold current Michelin Stars

Far Flung

Sometimes where a Cut belongs to a specific far-flung country - we have had to search far and wide to add some very authentic clicks - but isn’t that what exploration is all about?

Have a look at the Beef Picanha Related Recipe below to see what we mean!

At your fingertips

Now you have at your fingertips - not only the source of all Premium Quality Meat and Poultry - but also all you need to know about the Cuts and the possibilities that can open out for their enjoyment

Most comprehensive Free Range Meat and Poultry Ranges

Not every Cut has its Related Recipes as they are meant to be cooked just as they are

But the vast majority of one of the most comprehensive Premium Quality Free Range Meat and Poultry Ranges – which are available Instore, Online for Nationwide Delivery or Local London Collection - now have many, many Related Recipes covering differing ways to cook your Cut

Add to your enjoyment

All we are looking to do - is to add to your enjoyment of our Premium Quality Meat and Poultry - by opening possibilities that will encourage you to explore other dishes that you may not normally associate with the regular Cuts you buy - such as the Veal Bolognaise below

But that was just a start - and is still work in progress!

After the extremely popular Launch of our first Recipes by Methods of Cooking - Thrifty Slow Cooker Recipes - we have completed adding further Methods of Cooking, so you have a full Compendium of recipes for each of the most used Methods of Cooking

Apart from a basic introduction - each method of cooking lists the recipes in type of Meat order so you can see at a glance what options you may wish to enjoy

We start by looking at the three Basic ways of Meat Preparation listed below:

Cooking Methods

Cooking Methods can first be split into three broad categories as follows:

1. Dry Heat Cooking

Dry heat cooking works without the presence of any moisture, Stock, or Water. Instead, it relies on the circulation of hot air or contact with fat to transfer heat to foods. 

Temperatures of 150°c or hotter are used to create browning, a reaction where the Amino Acids and Sugars in food turn brown and create a distinct aroma and flavour. 

The unique scents of toasted Bread or seared Meat are both examples of dry heat cooking at work.

2. Moist Heat Cooking

As the name indicates, moist heat cooking relies on the presence of liquid or steam to cook foods. 

This method can be used to make healthy dishes without any added fat or oil. It's also a great way to tenderize the tough fibres in certain Cuts of Meat, like Beef Chuck or Brisket. 

When cooking fibrous Vegetables and Legumes, moist heat cooking softens the food until it reaches the perfect tenderness. Unlike dry heat cooking methods, moist heat cooking will not produce a browned crust.

3. Combination Cooking

Combination cooking utilizes both dry and moist cooking methods. 

Foods are cooked in liquids at low heat for an extended period of time, resulting in a fork tender product. This technique works with the toughest Cuts of Meat, gradually breaking down fibres until they melt into the liquid. 

From these three basic methods of cooking, we have created individual Tabs on our Website for:

Roast Recipes
Sauté/Pan fry Recipes
Grill Recipes
Griddle Recipes
Barbecue Recipes
Braise Recipes
Stew Recipes
Slow Cooker Recipes
Pressure Cooker Recipes
Sous Vide Recipes
Air Fryer Recipes

Click on a method of cooking - and immediately you have a list of all Recipes for differing species of Meat - with recipes using that method of cooking

So now you can select your recipes by Product - or Method of Cooking

Glossary of Cooking Terms

As you follow recipes, you might come across some cooking terms that are unfamiliar to you. We've added descriptions of some of the most common cooking terms below:

Al Dente - describes pasta that is firm and slightly undercooked
Baste - to pour juices or liquid fat over meat while it cooks
Blanch - to scald food in boiling water for a quick moment and then place it in cold water to stop the cooking process
Brunoise - to cut foods in to a 1/8" size dice
Caramelize - to heat sugars until they are browned
Chiffonade - to roll up leafy greens or herbs and cut into long, thin slices 
Clarify - to melt butter and separate the solids from the butterfat
Cure - to preserve foods by adding salt and drawing out moisture
Deglaze - to dissolve browned food residue in a hot pan with liquid
Dredge - to coat moist foods in a dry ingredient, like flour
Emulsify - to blend two liquids like oil and water
Fillet - to cut a portion of meat or fish
Flambe - to cover a food in a flammable liquid, like brandy or rum, and light it briefly on fire
Fold - to incorporate an ingredient with a careful motion that retains air
Julienne - to cut foods into long thin strips
Meuniere - a method of cooking, usually used with fish, in which the food is lightly dusted with flour and sauteed in butter
Parboil - to precook foods by boiling for a short time
Reduce - to thicken a liquid mixture by boiling or simmering, causing moisture to evaporate
Scald - to heat a liquid just to the boiling point
Spatchcock - to split open a whole chicken or turkey for easy grilling

With a basic understanding of the three types of cooking methods, you can now choose the best technique to use for each dish you wish to prepare.

Your own signature recipes

As you create your own signature recipes, you'll know how to use dry cooking to achieve a crispy, brown exterior on meats, or how to use moist cooking to keep your meats fork tender. When needed, you'll know when to use a combination of dry and moist heat to transform tough Cuts of Meat - into succulent, juicy morsel - or feasts.

At a glance

Recipes clearly show preparation and cooking times at the top of the short recipe description - to help in making your choice – simply and quickly

And once you have made that choice - either click on the recipe title to go to the recipe - or click on the Cuts and Joints listed at the bottom of the short description - to go to the product page - where you can add to your order 

Unlike a Cookery Book - we are adding new Recipes in the same consistent format - so it’s a living, breathing format - to reflect: 

What is in Season
What is New and exciting
What Recipes you think we may have missed out on

Less than 30 mins Recipes Tab - perfect for midweek dinners and last-minute lunches

Our Quick to Prepare, quick to Cook - Recipes Tab - listed by type of Meat - and all ready in 30 minutes or less - that’s Preparation and Cooking times - making them perfect for midweek dinners and last-minute lunches.

Alternatively, do go to our Slow Cooker Recipes - which will be ready to greet you as soon as you get home

We hope you welcome and find useful this New feature on our Award-winning Website - and just another way to maximize your enjoyment of Godfreys Premium Quality Meats - with impeccable credentials - cut by Master Butchers - and available Nationwide - for you to enjoy!

Bon Appétit!

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