Greenfields Beekeeping Local Blossom Set Honey
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Local Blossom Set Honey

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Pure English Honey

Greenfields Beekeeping started out as a hobby with just two Hives in a back garden and over 15 years has grown into a small family run business with Hives surrounding the North London and Hertfordshire area.

The family is wholeheartedly committed to the welfare of Honey Bees and strive to keep their Bees healthy and happy and this they feel is reflected in the quality of their Honey.

They specialise in producing cold extracted single origin Honey both in jars and in its most raw form, the Comb itself, nothing added and nothing taken away, just as the Bees made it.

The Honey produced in each Apiary is kept separate and it stays that way, they do not blend or refine it in anyway.

Honey is full of natural health benefits and Greenfields are very careful about keeping it that way.

To make this Honey Greenfields Beekeeping Bees foraged on Wildflowers found in the English countryside during Summer time

Most Honeys naturally set (crystallise) over time, however, some set quite fast, sometimes in just a few days.

For Greenfields Set Honeys they use the fast setting ones which usually come from spring time forage including Rapeseed, Daffodil, Dandelion, Goat Willow to name but a few. They don’t make their Honey set by seeding it with another Set Honey, they wait to see if it’s going to set or stay a runny Honey.
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