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Mayonnaise and Dressings

Stokes Real Mayonnaise<br/><br/>
Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Free Range Eggs for a luxurious finish.
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Stokes Garlic Mayonnaise<br/><br/>
For those who crave the flavour & richness of a quality Aioli.
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Harry Brand Harissa Mayonnaise<br/><br/>
Adds oomph to Avocados, Salads, Baked Potatoes, BBQ Buns & Crudites
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Stokes Creamy Caesar Dressing<br/><br/>
A classic creamy, sharp, Cheesy Salad Dressing made with Free Range Eggs
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Stokes Raspberry & Balsamic Dressing<br/><br/>
Sweet Raspberry & Balsamic, Cracked Black Pepper with a back note of acidity
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