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Meat for a Week September

Godfreys Meat for a Week

Our specially designed for busy households - Meat for a Week Service - where you can cook some Cuts straight away, keep some in the fridge - or pop some into the freezer for the end of the week.

No need to buy for every single day - just buy for the days you need - be it for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or for that Special Occasion

Not every customer has time to visit our shop in their busy lives - and some would like the convenience of all the week’s - or month’s - meat requirements taken care of in one go. 

Avoid the disappointment of the supermarket visit

So now you can Click and Collect or have Godfreys Premium Quality Meats and Poultry delivered in one box - Nation wide direct to your door - with something new to enjoy every day - without having to resort to the disappointment of the supermarket visit.

It wasn’t really our idea

It’s what many of our customers already do - and they have grown to rely upon it so much we thought we should share the idea with all of our customers.

Rather than offer pre-chosen quantities and selection we have tried to emulate what many of our customers already do to help them in their busy lives.

We soon realised that many households may have two people in one day, and maybe six the next, so fixed quantities was not such a good idea.

We also realised that different required different meat preferences.

Make your choice easier-and quicker!

So the best choice was to create on our Website a tab for each day of the Week showing our customers top preferences for that day so make your choice easier - and quicker!

That way you can work through the days with easy choices and you can also decide what quantities will suit that day.

Your entire Weekly Meat shopping in minutes

Just start on a day and make a choice - add it to your cart - and within a few minutes you will have completed your entire weekly - or monthly - Meat shopping tailored precisely to your personal requirements and taste.

The daily selections naturally reflect the changing seasonal changes each month. 

As we enter September we have updated our Meat for a Week tab on our Web site to reflect what becomes more popular in September and hopefully help make your choices less time consuming and easier.

Summer still lingering, Autumn coming nearer

September signifies change and its harvest is a riot of colours and flavours - while Game also starts to come into its own.

Summer flavours are still abundant so we can continue to enjoy delicious salads with plump Tomatoes or juicy Peas. For colder days there's Potato Dauphinoise, Roasted Fennel, Beetroot and delicious Duck.

Look out also for Artichoke, Aubergine, Beetroot, Broccoli, Butternut Squash, Carrot, Courgette, Fennel. Leek, Mangetout, Marrow, Parsnip, Peas, Pepper, Potato, Runner Beans, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes, and Wild Mushrooms 

With ingredients from Lamb to Duck, Wood Pigeon and Rabbit - plus the new arrival of Grouse - now eating at their best - now is the time to eat seasonal!

Quick-to-prepare - and quick-to-cook 

With Meat for a Week we find that the quick-to-prepare - and quick-to-cook recipes - dominate Monday to Thursdays - whilst the weekend is when the longer cooking big guns have their day - although in September they still tend to be the lighter recipes - and mostly ones that are quick to prepare - but there is always the exception such the current appetite for Short Ribs and Beef Picanha recipes

Precious leisure time 

Some of our super organized customers make a big Casserole or Stew for weekdays that can last a few days and can be quickly heated up and served when they get home to save their precious leisure time

Our featured Seasonal meat this month - Duck - has been covered in detail in our “What’s in Season” article sent earlier this week - and currently available during the whole of September on our Website

So here are a few seasonal suggestions of what you may wish to try for each day of the week in September

• Stroganoff Steaks
Perk up your Steak with this updated classic recipe - on the table in about 25 minutes. Preparation/Cooking time 25 mins. Click here for Sirloin Steaks, Fresh Beef Stock
(Click here for recipe)

• Oriental Duck Salad
Pep up your Salad recipes with this luxury combination of Rocket and Chinese Dressing
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 15 mins. Click here for Duck Breasts
(Click here for recipe)

• Lamb Chops with Smoky Aubergine Salad
A quick Moroccan inspired dish that is great for entertaining friends and family
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time 15 mins. Click here for Lamb Loin Chops, French trimmed Lamb Cutlets
(Click here for recipe)

• Warm Chicken & Avocado Salad - by Ainsley Harriott
Full of flavour - with less fat
Preparation/cooking time 20 - 30 mins. Click here for Chicken Fillet
(Click here for recipe)

• Chilli Beef Shepherd's Pie
The family favourite with a spicy kick and Parsnip Mash topping.
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time 30 mins. Click here for Steak Mince
(Click here for recipe)

• Chicken Biryani
A great one-pot Rice dish that can still be served up a few days later, perfect for Leftovers. Easily halved
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 30 mins. Click here for Chicken Fillet, Fresh Chicken Stock
(Click here for recipe)

• Bavette with Chimichurri Sauce - by Sophie Godwin
Steak with Chimichurri Sauce is a classic combination, but pickled Jalapeños give it a modern twist. Gluten-free
Preparation time 15 mins : Cooking time 10 mins. Click here for Bavette Steak
(Click here for recipe)

• Aromatic Lamb with Dates
A warming one-pot with a Moroccan feel, perfect served with Couscous.
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time 15 mins. Click here for Diced Leg of Lamb
(Click here for recipe)

• Chilli Beef with Broccoli & Oyster Sauce - by Barney Desmazery
Marinate a cheaper Cut like Rump Steak to tenderise the meat then stir fry with Vegetables and rich Chinese flavours
Preparation time 15 mins : Cooking time 15 mins -  plus marinating. Click here for Rump Steak
(Click here for recipe)

• Summer-in-Winter Chicken - by Mary Cadogan
Pining already for summer again? This simply seasoned Chicken fried with beautiful, ripe, Cherry Tomatoes in a creamy Sauce is guaranteed to hit the spot. Add a dollop of Pesto for an extra layer of nutty flavours
Preparation/Cooking time 25 mins. Click here for Chicken Fillets
(Click here for recipe)

• Rib-Eye of Beef with Polenta Chips - By Robert Thompson
This classic Rib-Eye Steak recipe is served with Chips - of the Polenta variety. The Sauce requires a bit of time, but it will make this Rib-Eye Steak recipe one to remember. The roasted Vine Tomatoes used as a garnish are not included in the recipe, but can be achieved by slowly roasting at 100°C for an hour.
Preparation/Cooking time 1 hr 20 mins - plus 4 - 6 hrs chilling time. Click here for Rib- Eye Steak, Chicken Wings, Fresh Beef Stock
(Click here for recipe)

• Korean-style Beef Short Ribs - by Jane Curran
Korean-style Beef Short Ribs are sweet, sticky and totally irresistible. Marinating before cooking makes the meat so tender and infuses it with so much flavour. Serve with a homemade Slaw. 
Preparation time 20mins : Cooking time 2hrs 30 mins. Click here for Free Range Beef Short Ribs
(Click here for recipe)

• Slow cooker Lamb Curry - By Sara Buenfeld
Use the Slow Cooker to make this nutritious, easy Curry and the Lamb will melt in your mouth. You can batch cook and freeze the Leftovers for another day. 
Preparation time 10 mins : Cooking time 6hrs - plus overnight chilling. Click here for Lamb Steaks
(Click here for recipe)

• One-pot Chicken Chasseur - by James Martin
This French bistro classic is easy to make at home and fabulous with creamy Mash or crusty Bread. Freezable.
Preparation time 20 mins : Cooking time 1 hr 30 mins. Click here for Chicken Legs, Fresh Chicken Stock
(Click here for recipe)

• Oven Pork Chops with Roasted Potato Wedges - by Emma Lewis
This healthy take on Chops and Chips is full of flavour - just pop everything into the oven and cook
Preparation/Cooking time 45 - 50 mins. Click here for Pork Chops
(Click here for recipe)

• Venetian Duck Ragu - by Cassie Best
Cinnamon adds complexity to this slow-cooked Pasta Sauce, which goes perfectly with large tubular Paccheri pasta, or ribbons of Pappardelle. Healthy
Preparation time 15 mins : Cooking time 2 hrs 30 mins. Click here for Ducks Legs
(Click here for recipe)

• Veal Schnitzel with Grana Padano Sauce - by Rosana McPhee
Rosana McPhee serves up her Veal Schnitzel recipe with lashings of rich Grana Padano Sauce, just the thing to elevate this classic dish.
Preparation/Cooking time 45 mins. Click here for Veal Escalope
(Click here for recipe)

• Traditional Osso Buco
This recipe is a traditional but simple way of cooking Osso Buco (Veal Shanks). The White Wine is a must in this dish. 
Preparation time 20 mins : Cooking time 1 hrs 30 mins. Click here for Osso Bucco
(Click here for recipe)

• Thyme-roasted Rib of Beef with Red Wine Gravy
A Thyme-roasted Rib of Beef recipe with Red Wine Gravy - perfect for a Sunday roast served with all the trimmings.
Preparation time 30 mins : Cooking time 1 hr 45 mins - plus resting. Click here for Carvery Rib of Beef, Fresh Beef Stock
(Click here for recipe)

• Salted Rosemary Roast Lamb, Fennel & Garlic Boulangère Potatoes
This French-inspired Roast Lamb recipe, served with garlicky Potatoes cooked with Fennel, is guaranteed to make Sunday the best day of the week.
Preparation time 40 mins : Cooking time 1 hr 45 mins. Click here for Carvery Leg of Lamb, Fresh Chicken Stock
(Click here for recipe)

• Herb Roasted Chicken with Buttered Peas, Lettuce & Bay Leaf - by Paul Heathcote
This Italian-inspired Roast Chicken recipe is a fantastic family-pleaser, and would be a wonderful centrepiece for any Sunday roast or family get together. Given its quick preparation time, the Roast Chicken could also be made for a hearty midweek dinner. 
Preparation/Cooking time 1 hr 30 mins. Click here for Special Reserve Chicken, Church Hill Farm Chicken, Otter Valley Organic Chicken
(Click here for recipe)

• Sticky Pork
A low-fat fave, this Pork can be left overnight or cooked to go, don't let on how simple it is and impress your friends. Easily doubled / halved
Preparation time 5 mins : Cooking time 30 mins. Click here for Pork Tenderloin
(Click here for recipe)

• Whole Roast Duck with Szechuan Sauce - by Marcello Tully
This recipe  pairs the Whole Duck in a spectacular Szechuan Black Bean Sauce. Carefully remove the seeds from the Chillis if you want less fire in your Sauce. 
Preparation/Cooking time 1 hr 30 mins.. Click here for Whole Duck, Fresh Chicken Stock
(Click here for recipe)

• Roast Grouse, Braised Cabbage, Celeriac Purée & Sauce Albert  - by Martin Wishart
Make the most of seasonal autumnal ingredients, from the rich, dark meat of Grouse to the smooth and woody Celeriac Purée. This heady combination is topped off with Sauce Albert and seasoned with punchy Horseradish and Mustard.
Preparation/Cooking time 2hrs. Click here for Wild Grouse
(Click here for recipe)
The idea that some households are only in for certain days so they don’t need to order for every day of the week - they just order what they need instead of a full box - cutting out expense and waste - seems to have really caught on

Now live and fresh Online

The Meat for a Week Tab for September is now live on

So whether you choose one of the recipes above - or are just inspired to explore further recipes we hope we have given you much food for thought for your September seasonal meals

Give it a Click

So why not give it a Click - and experience a whole new way to enjoy Godfreys Free Range Premium Meats and Poultry - all week - or month long - by ordering from the comfort of you own home - or workplace - at a time that is convenient to you.

We do the rest - be it if you would prefer delivery direct to your door Nationwide - or at our Click and Collect Points in Highbury or Finsbury Park. 

Bon Appétit!


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