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Mini Roast Short Cuts

Godfreys Free Range Mini Roast Short Cuts

Our new Mini Roast Short Cuts for as little as one or two people - with a fraction of the cost and cooking time of their traditional larger cousins. 

A roast dinner any day of the week 
You can now you can enjoy a succulent roast dinner any day of the week - even if there are only one or two of you at the table. 

Many of us now live in smaller families, eat separately, prefer greater variety through the week and don’t want gristle, excess fat or bones that make serving or eating the food difficult.

None of the leftovers or waste. 
We have taken the traditional family roasts and expertly reduced them in size, so you get all the fabulous flavours, faster cooking - but none of the leftovers or waste. 

Less time in the oven
They carve just like our easy carve larger roasts, but need less time in the oven.  

So easy and quick to cook
The Mini roast is so easy to cook, serve and eat - and on the table in under an hour
You can either pot roast or oven roast these delicious and quickly cooked Mini Roasts Short Cuts as you prefer.

As with all roasts, leave them to rest for ten to fifteen minutes after cooking for optimum tenderness and luscious taste.

The Mini Roast range now covers your favourite Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Pork and Venison Roasts - so no shortage of choice

All Free Range - you can now choose from:

​​​​​​​• Beef Picanha Mini Roast
Brazil’s revered and favourite Roast

 Topside of Beef Mini Roast
Juicy, fully flavoured - with a bite

 Côte de Boeuf Mini Roast
A highly prized favourite Roast in France

• Noisette of Lamb Mini Roast
Rolled Loin of tender Lamb - perfect for an indulgent treat

 Rack of Lamb Mini Roast
A delicious, richly flavoured Roast on the bone

​​​​​​​• Leg of Lamb Mini Roast
Boneless classic roasting Lamb for easy carving or stuffing.

 Rump of Lamb Mini Roast
A great Mini Roast for all Lamb lovers

 Free Range Lamb Breast Roulade
This exceptional Cut will change the way you look at Breast of Lamb - forever! It looks like a Lamb Noisette - some say - it tastes even better - but at a fraction of the cost!

 Whole Poussin Roast
Perfect for roasting for one person - or one per person if there are more of you

 Spatchcock Chicken Half Mini Roast
Free Range Chicken in Olive oil, Garlic, Fennel seeds, Coriander, and Sage.

 Chicken Paupiette Mini Roast
The Leg and Breast with the wing bone left on - rolled for easy carving - ready to be stuffed - or left as it is for a succulent roasting joint - and plenty of crispy skin 

 Free Range Turkey Mini Roast
Easy to cook, easy to carve, deliciously moreish to eat - with no waste - and at a very Thrifty price!

 Pork Loin Mini Roast
The quintessential Mini easy to carve version of the classic Sunday roast - can easily have a pocket cut for stuffing.

 Leg of Pork Mini Roast
Economical, lean and easy to carve

 Porchetta with Chorizo Mini Roast
An economical, juicy, spicy, stunningly flavoured Pork Roast

 Venison Mini Roast
A traditional, rich, Mini Venison joint for roasting which is richly flavoured with a dense but tender texture.

To view the whole Mini Roast range in detail together with How to Cook instructions - and lots of Related Recipes - including a sprinkling of Michelin Chef recipes - for each Mini Roast - just Click here

In addition we have attached for you some special recipe suggestions and Video Links of How to Cook Mini Roasts from our friends at Simply Beef and Lamb which you can view by just clicking Here

Enjoy Free Range Mini Roasts any day of the Week - with our superb selection - available fresh - Instore or Online 

So whether you choose one of the Cuts above - or are just inspired to further explore our Mini Roasts - we hope we have given you plenty of food for thought

Now live and fresh Online
Godfreys full range of Mini Roast Cuts is now live on www.godfreys.co

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Bon Appétit!
Free Range Beef Picanha
Brazil's highly prized favourite Steak / Roast
Our Price:
Free Range Mini Topside of Beef
Mini Roast thats, juicy, fully flavoured with a bite
Our Price:
Free Range Mini Côte de Boeuf
Mini Roast that's a highly prized favourite Roast in France
Our Price:
Free Range Mini Noisette of Lamb
Mini Roast Rolled Loins of tender and succulent Lamb
Our Price:
Free Range Mini Rack of Lamb
A delicious richly flavoured Mini roasting joint.
Our Price:
Free Range Mini Leg of Lamb
Mini Roast that is Boneless for easy carving or stuffing.
Our Price:
Free Range Mini Rump of Lamb
Mini Roast Rump of tender Lamb - perfect for roasting whole.
Our Price:
Free Range Lamb Breast Roulade
Changes the way you look at Breast of Lamb - forever!
Our Price:
Spatchcock Chicken Half
Free Range Chicken marinated in Chilli, Lime and Ginger
Our Price:
Free Range Chicken Paupiette
Chicken Paupiette - a succulent roasting joint for two to three servings
Our Price:
Virginia BBQ Pulled Pork
The best Smoky shredded Pulled Pork we have tasted - Cooked in a Bag!
Our Price:
Pork Baby Back Ribs
Melt-in-the-mouth Ribs - just waiting to be gnawed!
Our Price:
Free Range Mini Loin of Pork
Mini Roast Classic that is easy to carve with superb tenderness and flavour
Our Price:
Free Range Mini Leg of Pork
Mini Roast that's economical, lean and easy to carve
Our Price:
Mini Porchetta with Chorizo
Free Range Mini Roast - economical juicy, spicy, stunningly flavoured
Our Price:
Venison Mini Roast
Mini Roast thats a traditional, rich, Venison joint perfect for roasting.
Our Price:
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Fast response - Getting Perfect results every time
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