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New - Guide to Stewing and Stewing Recipes

Godfreys New Guide to Stewing Recipes 

Welcome to Godfreys New Guide to Stewing and Stewing Recipes

A Guide designed just as much for beginner Cooks as seasoned old hands - which offers you a whole range of Recipes for all the Joints and Cuts of Meats and Poultry - most suitable for all the various Methods of Cooking - all in one place - and in just one click  

Every Recipe in the Index shows the appropriate Joints or Cuts of Meat which you can go back to in one click to order - or alternatively click on the Recipe title - to whizz straight to the fully detailed recipe

No more time-consuming, painstaking trolling multiple Recipe Books - or individual Websites

All the Recipes you need - by Method of Cooking - with one click - simple!

After featuring Roasting, Sauté/Pan Frying, Grilling, Griddling and Braising Recipes - we continue with Stewing Recipes


The key difference between stewing and braising is that foods are completely submerged in hot liquid while stewing - instead of being partially submerged. 

Smaller Cuts of Meat are used in a stew, but the method of slow cooking at low heat is the same. 

As the stew cooks, fibrous Vegetables break down and fat and collagen from the Meats melt away. 

The result is a thick, flavourful gravy filled with tender bites of Meat and soft Vegetables. 

Best foods for stewing:
Meats: Meats that are rich in collagen and fat do well in a stew pot. Avoid lean Cuts and choose Brisket, Oxtail, Ox Cheeks, Pigs Cheeks


Poaching is a gentle method of cooking in which foods are submerged in hot liquid between 60°c and 85°c. 

The low heat works especially well for delicate items, and moisture and flavours are preserved without the need for fat or oil. 

Best foods for poaching:
Poultry: Stocks, Broths, Wine, or Aromatics can be used for poaching liquid, which adds flavour to boneless, skinless Chicken Breasts. The result is tender Chicken that can be cubed, sliced, or shredded and added to Salads, Pasta, or Sandwiches.


Simmering is also a gentle method of cooking foods but uses higher temperatures than poaching, usually between 80°c and 95°c. 

This temperature range lies below the boiling point and produces tiny bubbles. To achieve a simmer, first bring water to the boiling point and then lower the temperature. 

Best foods for simmering:
Meats: Choose tougher Cuts of Meat that will release fat and collagen as they simmer, like Chuck roast.
Soups and Stocks: Because simmering releases the fat and proteins from Meat, it produces a rich flavourful Stock or Broth that can be used in Soups or Stews. 


This cooking technique involves submerging food in water that has been heated to the boiling point of 100°c. The boiling water produces large bubbles, which keep foods in motion while they cook. 

The expression slow boil means that the water has just started to produce large, slow-moving bubbles but is not quite heated to the boiling temperature. 

A full boil occurs at the boiling point and results in fast-moving, rolling bubbles. Steam is also released from the water as it boils.

Best foods for boiling:
Boiled Beef


In steaming, water is boiled continuously to produce a steady amount of steam. 

The steam surrounds foods and cooks evenly while retaining moisture. 

Steaming can be performed in a few different ways. Methods of steaming include using a pot and steamer basket, using a microwave, or wrapping foods in foil so they can steam in the oven. 

Best foods for steaming:
Meat Puddings with Shredded Beef Suet

Just to whet your appetite here are a few of the most popular Braising Recipes to start you thinking:

• Braised Beef Short Ribs in Red Wine Sauce - by Nagi Maehashi
Beef Short Ribs are the absolute best Cut of Beef for slow cooking! The most tender and succulent fall apart Beef you will ever have. Cooked long and slow in a rich Red Wine Sauce.
Preparation times 15 mins : Cooking time 3 hrs. Click here for Beef Short Ribs
(Click here for recipe)

• Guinness Corned Beef with Cabbage 
Using Guinness Stout instead of water dramatically increases the flavour of the dark, rich, complex Sauce. Cooking low and slow guarantees moist, flavour packed, incredibly tender Salt Beef
Preparation/Cooking time 4- 5hrs. Click here for  Salt Beef Corned
(Click here for recipe)


• Oxtail Stew 
This really rich Oxtail Stew recipe makes the most of this economical cut of meat for a British classic.
Preparation time 30 - 60 mins : Cooking time 2 hrs. Click here for  Oxtail 
(Click here for recipe)

• Lamb and Kidney Suet Pudding with Rosemary
When it comes to comfort food, you just can’t beat a traditional, steamed Suet Pudding like this one. Try serving with mashed Potato and a green vegetable such as Broccoli or Greens.
Preparation time 30 mins : Cooking time 2 hrs Click here for  Beef Suet Shredded, Diced Leg of Lamb
(Click here for recipe)

• Lamb Shanks with Chickpeas & Moroccan Spices 
Couscous goes well with the North African flavours of this dish. Freezable
Preparation time 15 mins -1 hr : Cooking time 2 hrs - ready in 4 hrs - plus soaking time for Chickpeas. Click here for  Lamb Shanks 
(Click here for recipe)

• Basque Lamb Stew
A bowl of fragrant, peppery Basque Lamb Stew will hit the spot on a cold day. This punchy Stew is made with Lamb Neck Chops, Smoked Paprika and Espelette Pepper.
Preparation time 30 mins : Cooking time 2 hrs. Click here for  Middle Neck of Lamb
(Click here for recipe)

• Chicken & Red Wine Casserole with Herby Dumplings  - Jo Pratt
A Slow Cooker rich and warming Red Wine Chicken casserole - ideal for when it's cold and dark outside.
Preparation/Cooking time 1 hr 45 mins. Click here for  Chicken Breasts
(Click here for recipe)

• Spanish Beans with Chicken & Chorizo  - By Mary Cadogan
This dish is great for a casual get-together, just plonk it on the table with a big Salad and Bread and it's done. Freezable.
Preparation time 15 mins : Cooking time 1 hr 20 mins - plus soaking. Click here for  Chicken Thighs,  Chorizo Rosario Sausages 
(Click here for recipe)

• Spiced Duck & Date Tagine
Duck Legs are stewed in a slow cooker with rich Moroccan Spices until meltingly tender - serve over fluffy Couscous or Rice. Freezable. Easily doubled.
Preparation time 15 mins : Cooking time 5 hr 20 mins Click here for  Barbary Ducks Legs
(Click here for recipe)

• Black Bean & Meat Stew - Feijoada  - by Jennifer Joyce
Chorizo, Pork Ribs and Pork Shoulder make the base for this hearty Brazilian casserole with deeply savoury spiced Pulses. 
Preparation time 15 mins : Cooking time 2 hrs 20 mins. Click here for Pork Chorizo Rosario Sausages, Rack of Pork Ribs, Hand Diced Pork, Tamworth Smoked Streaky Bacon
(Click here for recipe)

• British Pork Cassoulet  - by Gary Rhodes
No-nonsense hearty meal from the late, great Gary Rhodes that needs little or no side dishes - a great family meal. Freezable.
Preparation time 35 mins : Cooking time 1 hr and 30 mins. Click here for Lincolnshire Sausages, Cumberland Sausages, Toulouse Sausages, Pork Belly Slices, Tamworth Smoked Back Bacon 
(Click here for recipe)


• Chorizo, Pork Belly & Chickpea Casserole  - by Barney Desmazery
A Spanish-influenced Stew with slow-cooked Belly Pork, a cheap Cut with great flavour and soft texture Freezable
Preparation time 20 mins : Cooking time 2hrs 30 mins. Click here for  Pork Belly Boneless,  Chorizo Rosario Sausages 
(Click here for recipe)

• Pork & Apple Stew with Parsley & Thyme Dumplings  - by  Sara Buenfeld
This healthy family supper has Dumplings that soak up all the flavours of Cider, Mustard and a hint of Apple, and it's 3 of your 5-a-day. Freezable (Stew only).
Preparation time 25 mins : Cooking time 1 hr 35 mins .  Click here for  Pork Tenderloin
(Click here for recipe)

• Split Pea & Green Pea Smoked Ham Soup  - by  John Torode
John Torode shares the recipe for one of his all-time favourite soups.
Preparation 30 mins : Cooking time 3 hrs. Click here for Smoked Boneless Gammon
(Click here for recipe)

The full list of Stewing Recipes for Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Handmade Sausages, Pork, Bacon and Gammon, Game and Veal are now Live – and available by clicking here

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