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New Free Range Demi Bronze Turkey

Perfect for smaller families and gatherings to enjoy all the sumptuous benefits of a whole Free-Range bird - layered with a Luxury Free Range Stuffing - but at fraction of the cost - with no carving - and no waste


No additives, drugs or growth enhancers

Fabulously fully-flavoured Bronze Turkeys only come from traditional breeds of Turkey that are naturally slow growing and enjoy the freedom of roaming in pastures, woodland or stubble fields. They must be allowed to forage freely on a natural diet with no additives, drugs or growth enhancers.

Naturally fully matured

Only when they are naturally fully matured - and never before - can they be traditionally prepared, hand plucked and game-hung for up to 12 days - before being carefully presented to you - to enjoy the ultimate in festive gourmet experiences.

Traditional rich depth of flavour belonging to a bygone age

We scour family-run farms with only the highest standards of stress-free husbandry for such rare birds, so we can offer you the most tender, moist, beautifully textured Bronze 

Turkey with a traditional rich depth of flavour, which almost belongs to a bygone age - but which always creates such a wonderful festive and celebratory dining experience - and a memorable spectacle for that special Christmas table 

A whole Free Range Bronze Turkey

Our Free-Range Demi Bronze Turkey is a whole Free Range Bronze Turkey cut lengthways into two Joints - then each joint is deboned 

Hand-made Luxury Pork Stuffing

We then add our own Free Range Luxury Pork Stuffing - hand-made using only Free-Range Premium Quality Pork hand-ground to the perfect consistency and then blended with the finest quality natural ingredients of Pine Nuts, Chopped Prunes, Currants and Chestnuts

Just the right and natural balance 

So you get half of the Breast and one Leg and a Thigh - just the right and natural balance of white to brown meat - plus that luxurious, sumptuous Christmassy Stuffing

A truly sumptuous feast - with all the flavour of a whole Free Range Bronze Turkey - with just less of the size - and no waste

Do have a look at our How to Cook/Related Recipes Tab for some great Sides to prepare with your Free Range Demi Bronze Turkey

Now live and fresh Online

Our Free-Range Demi Bronze Turkey is now Live on www.godfreys.co

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         So why not give it a Click - and experience a whole new way to enjoy Godfreys Free Range Premium Meats and Poultry - including our Free Range Demi Bronze Turkey - by ordering from the comfort of you own home - or workplace - at a time that is convenient to you 

We do the rest - be it if you would prefer delivery direct to your door Nationwide - or at our Click and Collect Points in Highbury or Finsbury Park.  

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