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​​​​​​​A delicious Cut, with the Marrow Bone imparting its highly appreciated flavour.

Highest standards of animal welfare
We carefully source our Premium Quality Veal only from farms that are accredited with the SKV mark, which guarantees the highest standards of animal welfare, and quality of diet.

Wonderful delicate flavour and velvety texture
This is the only fully inspected quality system for Veal in Europe which ensures we can not only be sure that the animals are correctly reared - but also that they yield the highest quality of that distinctive, wonderful delicate flavour and velvety texture - that only Veal can offer.

An extra dimension of rich taste
Tender - cut from the Shin - across the bone - that essentially - holds that precious Marrow

A delicious Classic Cut, with the Marrow Bone imparting its highly appreciated flavour - and an extra dimension of rich taste

Meltingly tender
Often used to make a classic Italian dish with Tomatoes and Garlic, slowly braised down - until meltingly tender.

Perfect pan-fried, griddled, grilled, braised, stewed - or baked

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Our Price: £15.98
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